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Exhibitions and Events: Collecting History: Coins, Banknotes and Postage Stamps in Special Collections


June - August, 2017

Curated by Julia A. Cowart

Collected by people of all ages and status, coins, banknotes and postage stamps serve a practical function, yet can be considered miniature works of art that reflect the history and culture of their time. Featuring national symbols, notable individuals and events, and often putting forth ideas and propaganda, they show us how nations wanted the public to perceive their governments and cultures. This summer exhibition features just a sampling of these materials from our collections, from ancient coins to foreign currency, and stamps from around the world.


French Banknotes

This series of notes, printed between 1933 and 1958, designed by artists and printed by the Banque de France. They include notes with allegorical figures, rural French scenes and important figures of science, industry and politics.