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Finding Aids and Collection Guides

AIDS and Sexuality Periodical Collection 

Aldridge, Marion

  • Rev. Marion D. Aldridge Papers; pastor of First Baptist Church, Batesburg, S.C., 1977-1984 and Greenlawn Baptist Church, Columbia, S.C., 1984-1998.

Allen, William Cox

  • Rev. William Cox Allen’s manuscript of A Brief History of the Baptists of South Carolina

Alley, J. Lyles

American Association of University Women (AAUW)

American Festival of Microtonal Music (AFMM)

American Newspaper Collection - Headlines and Front Pages, 19th to 21st Century

Anderson, John T., M.D.

Babb, Winston C.

Bagby, Harry Ashby

Bailey, J.D. [James Davis]

Bailey, J.E. [Jessie Earle], 1876-1957

Bainbridge, Judith T.

Baker, Robert A.

Baldwin, Thomas D.D.

Balent, Andrew

Batson, Charles A.

Barr, Mary Bridges

Belue, Robert J.

Benjamin, W. Horace

Blymyer, William H.

Bogar, Rosa

Bolding, Leland L.

Bonser, John H.

Botsford, Edmund (1745-1819)

Bowen, Robert Adger

Bristow, Gwen

Broadway, Ben F.

Brooks, Robert G.

Brown, Clinton Capers

  • Rev. Clinton Capers Brown Papers

Burts, Richard Ward

Business Ledgers, Gower, Mills & Co. and Mills & McBrayer 

Campus Songs Score Collection

Chiles, John R.

  • John R. Chiles Papers

Clayton, Glen

  • Glen Clayton Papers

Coleman Family Papers, 1899-1912

Collins, James J.

Communist Party of Great Britain Pamphlet Collection centering around WWII, the Vietnam War, and the party's platform "The British Path to Socialism" in the 1950s and 1960s.

Corzine, J.L. [Jesse Lynn]

  • Dr. J.L. Corzine Papers

Coxe, William B.

Crawford, Allen P.

Crawford, T.P.

Croft, Julia Wood

Crowe, Thomas Rain

Crymes, Thomas

Facsimile Leaf Examples Collection

Genealogical Information on families connected with Fairforest Baptist Church, Union County, S.C.

Forgione, Rose J.

Fox, Lawrence Hamilton

Frank, John P.

Fuller, Rev. Richard

Furman Jr., Alester G. (1895-1980)

  • Alester G. Furman, Jr. Papers

Furman III, Alester G. (1918-2007)

  • Alester G. Furman, III Papers

Furman, Charles Manning and Frances (Garden)

Furman Family Collection, 1782-1960

Furman, Rev. James Clement (1809-1891) 

Furman, Rev. Richard, (1755-1825)

Furman, Richard Baker

Furman, Thea

Furman, Thomas F. and William Martin Butt Families

Furman, Wood (1779-1840)

Harrill, Ernest E.

Harrison, John H.

Hart, Oliver

Hartwell, Jesse B. (1759-1859)

Hawkins, Frederick M. (1811-1891)

Haynsworth, Clement Furman, Jr.

  • Clement Furman Haynsworth, Jr. Papers, 1956-1981

Heller, Max M.

Herbert, Thomas Carlisle

Hill, John S.

Hopewell Tuberculosis Hospital, cornerstone contents

Hopkins, Diane

  • Diane Hopkins Travel Collection

Howard, Irene S.

Howell, J.B., Jr.

Hoyt, James A. and Nellie Hoyt (Mrs. Alester G. Furman)

  • James A. Hoyt Family Papers, 1862-1907

Images of Immigrants Collection

Images of the Caribbean Collection

Images of Freedmen Collection, Harper’s Weekly, 1879-1881, 1886

Irby, James H.

Isenhower, John Phillips

Isler, Rev. Emerson L.

Jester, John R.

Johns, John E.

Johnson, David

  • David Johnson Stamp Collection

Johnson, Mignonette B.

Johnson, William B.

Jones, Dr. Edward B. '54 and Beth Evans Lindsay '48

  • Dr. Edward B. ’54 and Beth Evans Lindsay Jones ’48 Collection

Jones, Frederick L. 

Jones, Hattie Finlay

Judson, Mary C.

Judson, Charles H.

  • Charles Hallette Judson Papers, 1835-1902, bulk 1855 to 1892

Kemp, James Carroll

King, Joe

  • History of South Carolina Baptists manuscript materials from Joe M. King

Kingston, Clara Talley

  • Clara Talley Kingston typescript and index of Haynsworth-Furman and allied families

Magazine Collection on American Politics and the Tea Party Movement, 2010-2013

Manly, Basil, Sr. and Basil Manly, Jr. 

  • Manly Family Papers, 1824-1927, Acc. 1961-027

Martin, C.B.

Mauldin, Belton O.

Maxted, Alec

  • Alec Maxted Conscientious Objector Papers, 1941-1946 

McDavid, Raven I., Jr.

McDowell, Edward A.

  • Edward A. McDowell Papers

McGill, Patrick

McIver Family

McKoy, Henry Bacon

Megginson, W.J.

Mendenhall, Dr. James Kirk

  • Dr. James Kirk Mendenhall Scrapbook

Microtonal Music Archive [Johnny Reinhard]

Mills, Henry T.

Mims, James S. Family

Montague, Andrew P.


Michael Nase Collection of 18th c. English deeds and indentures

Owens, Ollin J.

Orr, James L., Jr. [1852-1905]

Orr, Michael

  • Michael Orr Postcard Collection

O’Steen, Marjorie Barr

Owens, Loulie Latimer

Sampey Family Collection, 1856-2002

Sauvain, Peggy

Sawyer, Richard D.

Seay, Warren Mosby

  • Warren Mosby Seay Papers, 1940-1952

Sheet Music Collection

Shi, David

  • Collection of David E. Shi Newspaper Columns, 1996-2003

Shrum, Robert D.

Simpson, William Dunlap

Sinclair, Bennie Ward

Six Mile Baptist Academy

Small Manuscripts Collection, 1829-2014

Smith, Daniel Townsend

Smith, Robert W.

South Carolina College Association of Reading Educators (SC-CARE) Records, 1981-1995

South Carolina Theatre Association Records, 1967-2018

Southern Baptist Convention, Beginner Bible Story Series Collection, 1940–1943, 1946

Spartan Academy, Spartanburg County, S.C  - Minutes of the Trustees : 1905-1923

Spivak, Charlie

Stewart, William H.

Stout, John

Surles, H. Floyd