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Finding Aids and Collection Guides

AIDS and Sexuality Periodical Collection 

Aldridge, Marion

  • Rev. Marion D. Aldridge Papers; pastor of First Baptist Church, Batesburg, S.C., 1977-1984 and Greenlawn Baptist Church, Columbia, S.C., 1984-1998.

Allen, W.C.

  • W.C. Allen’s manuscript of A Brief History…

Alley, J. Lyles

American Association of University Women (AAUW)

American Newspaper Collection - Headlines and Front Pages, 20th and 21st Century

Anderson, John T., M.D.

Babb, Winston C.

  • Winston C. Babb Dissertation and D.H. Gilpatrick Typescript

Bagby, Harry Ashby

Bailey, J.D. [James Davis]

  • Rev. J.D. Bailey Papers, 1898-1908, 1924 and undated

Bailey, J.E. [Jessie Earle], 1876-1957

  • Rev. J.E. Bailey Papers

Baker, Robert A.

  • Robert A. Baker "History of First Baptist Church, Charleston, SC" typescript, 1980

Barr, Mary Bridges

  • Mary Bridges Barr Family Correspondence, 1863-1898

Batson, Charles A.

  • Charles A Batson Papers

Benjamin, W. Horace

Belue, Robert J.

Blymyer, William H.

  • William H. Blymyer Papers, 1899-1926 and undated

Bogar, Rosa

Bomar, William E.

Bonser, John H.

Botsford, Edmund (1745-1819)

  • Edmund Botsford Family Papers

Bowen, Robert Adger

Bristow, Gwen

Broadway, Ben F.

Brooks, Robert G.

Brown, Clinton Capers

  • Rev. Clinton Capers Brown Papers

Burts, Richard Ward

Business Ledgers, Gower, Mills & Co. and Mills & McBrayer 

Campus Songs Score Collection

Chiles, John R.

  • John R. Chiles Papers

Clayton, Glen

  • Glen Clayton Papers

Coleman Family Papers, 1899-1912

Collins, James J.

Corzine, Jesse Lynn

  • Jesse Lynn Corzine Papers

Crawford, Allen P.

  • Allen P. Crawford Collection on Mark Twain

Crawford, T.P.

Croft, Julia Wood

Crowe, Thomas Rain

Crymes, Thomas

Daniel, Charles E. 

  • Charles E. Daniel Family and White Oaks Collection

Daniel, Robert N. 

Dargan, J.O.B. and John Hugh

Jonathan Davis Family

  • Davis Family Papers, 1832-1908

Davis, Jonathan

  • Rev. Jonathan Davis Papers, 1785-1854, bulk 1823-1850

DeVotie, James H. 

  • James H. DeVotie Correspondence 

Diploma and Certificate Collection, 1830 -

Donaldson, John O. W

Duffies, Thea Furman

  • Thea Furman Duffies Manuscript Collection
  • Thea Furman Duffies Papers

Earle, Thomas John

Early Photography Collection

Eaves, Arnold William, Jr.

  • Arnold William Eaves, Jr. Papers

England, J. Martin

Esten, James Francis

“Fabla Geologica desde el Pueblo de las Manzánas  á Ystlahuaca” (José de Avila y Roxana)

Facsimile Leaf Examples Collection

Forgione, Rose J.

Fox, L.H.

  • L.H. Fox First Day Covers/Stamps, 1960-1972

Frank, John P.

  • John P. Frank Papers

Fuller, Rev. Richard

Furman Jr., Alester G. (1895-1980)

  • Alester G. Furman, Jr. Papers

Furman III, Alester G. (1918-2007)

  • Alester G. Furman III World War II Correspondence
  • Alester G. Furman, III Papers

Furman, Charles M. and Frances G. Furman

Furman Family Papers 

Furman, James C. 

  • James C. Furman Papers

Furman, Richard

  • Rev. Richard Furman Papers

Furman, Dr. Richard Baker

  • Dr. Richard Baker Furman Patient Journals and Medical Account books

Furman, Wood (1779-1840)

  • Wood Furman Papers

Harrill, Ernest E.

Harrison, John H.

Hart, Oliver

Hawkins, Frederick M. (1811-1891)

Haynsworth, Clement Furman

  • Clement Furman Haynsworth Papers

Heller, Max M.

  • Max M. Heller Papers

Herbert, Thomas Carlisle

Hill, John S.

Hopewell Tuberculosis Hospital, cornerstone contents

Hopkins, Diane

  • Diane Hopkins Travel Collection

Howard, Irene S.

Howell, J.B., Jr.

Hoyt, James A. and Nellie Hoyt (Mrs. Alester G. Furman)

  • Hoyt family scrapbook 

Images of Immigrants Collection

Images of the Caribbean Collection

Images of Freedmen Collection, Harper’s Weekly, 1879-1881, 1886

Irby, James H.

Isenhower, John Phillips

  • Rev. John Phillips Isenhower Papers

Isler, Rev. Emerson L.

Jester, John R.

Johns, John E.

Johnson, David

  • David Johnson Stamp Collection

Johnson, Mignonette B.

Johnson, William B.

  • William B. Johnson Papers, 1831-1862

Jones, Frederick L. 

  • Frederick L. Jones Papers

Jones, Hattie Finlay

Judson, Mary C.

Judson, Charles H.

  • Charles Hallette Judson Papers, 1830-1933, bulk 1855 to 1892

Kemp, James Carroll

King, Joe

  • History of South Carolina Baptists manuscript materials from Joe M. King

Kingston, Clara Talley

  • Clara Talley Kingston typescript and index of Haynsworth-Furman and allied families

Lake, Hattie

  • Hattie Lake Correspondence 1844-1898 (bulk 1866-1868)

Lake, John

Lancaster, James L.

Latimer, Leon Mobley

  • Leon Mobley Latimer Papers

Ligon, Eugenia Helen

  • “Tyra’s Saga,” by Eugenia Helen Ligon, unpublished manuscript, undated

Lovell, Jr., S. George

  • Rev. Dr. S. George Lovell, Jr. Papers

Magazine Collection on American Politics and the Tea Party Movement, 2010-2013

Manly, Basil, Sr. and Basil Manly, Jr. 

  • Basil Manly, Sr. Family Papers

Martin, C.B.

Mauldin, Belton O.

Maxted, Alec

  • Alec Maxted Conscientious Objector Papers 1941-1946 

McDavid, Raven I., Jr.

  • Raven I. McDavid, Jr. Papers

McDowell, Edward A.

  • Edward A. McDowell Papers

McGill, Patrick

McIver Family Papers

McKoy, Henry Bacon

Megginson, W.J.

Mendenhall, Dr. James Kirk

  • Dr. James Kirk Mendenhall Scrapbook

Mims Family Papers

Mims, James Sessions

  • James Sessions Mims Papers

Owens, Ollin J.

  • Ollin J. Owens Papers

Orr, James L., Jr. [1852-1905]

Orr, Michael

  • Michael Orr Postcard Collection

O’Steen, Marjorie Barr

  • Marjorie Barr O’Steen Family Papers

Owens, Loulie Latimer

  • Loulie Latimer Owens Papers
  • Loulie Latimer Owens Family Papers

Palmer-Norris Videos from the Greenville (S.C.) Veterans Center

Collection of materials from the “Pelham Mills office," 1927-1946, bulk 1940s 

Plainfield, Joseph Frank

Plyler, Mary Earle

Plyler, John L.

Plyler, John L., Jr.

Post-Bellum Rental Contracts Collection, 1868, 1896-1909 

Poteat, Edwin McNeill and Gordon Poteat

  • Edwin McNeill Poteat and Gordon Poteat Papers
  • Gordon Poteat Missionary Service Photograph Album, ca. 1915-1920

Pringle, Samuel McBride

Professional Homemakers’ Club of Greenville

Provence, H.W.

  • H.W. Provence Papers

Ramsay, David M.

Richardson, James McDowell

Rogers, James

  • James Rogers' manuscript of Richard Furman : life and legacy, 1982

Roe, Mary A.

The Rotary Book Club (Greenville, S.C.) Records, 1910-2015

Rouse, John, E. Jr.

S.C. College Association of Reading Educators (SC-CARE) Records

S.C. Theatre Association Records

Sampey Family Collection

Sauvain, Peggy

Sawyer, Richard D.

  • Richard D. Sawyer Historic Greenville Collection

Seay, Warren Mosby

  • Warren Mosby Seay Papers 

Shi, David

  • Collection of David E. Shi Newspaper Columns

Shrum, Robert D.

  • Robert D. Shrum Papers

Simpson, William Dunlap

Sinclair, Bennie Ward

Small Manuscripts Collection, 1829-2014

Smith, Daniel Townsend

Smith, Robert W.

Southern Baptist Convention, Beginner Bible Story Series Collection

Spartan Academy, Spartanburg County, S.C  - Minutes of the Trustees : 1905-1923

Spivak, Charlie

Stewart, William H.

Stout, John

  • John Stout Papers

Surles, H. Floyd

  • Rev. H. Floyd Surles Papers

Thomas, Andrew J.S.

The Thursday Afternoon Club (Greenville, S.C.) Records

The Thursday Club (Greenville, S.C.) Records​

Rev. Dr. W.H. Tipton Family Papers

Todd, Leonard

  • Leonard Todd Family Papers​, 1850-2017

Townes, Charles H.

Towill, Richard Judson

Townsend, Leah

  • Leah Townsend Papers

Tucker, Robert C.

  • Dr. Robert C. Tucker Papers
  • Travels of Robert Tucker Collection

Walker, William

Ware Family Papers, 1784-1967

Watson, E.C., Jr.

  • E.C. Watson, Jr. Papers

Wells, David J.

Whilden, William G.

Whiteside, William M.

  • William M. Whiteside Papers

Wilcox and Goldsmith family history

Wilder, William James

  • William James Wilder Papers

Williams, Belle

  • Belle Williams Papers

Woman suffrage postcards, 1900-1925

Women’s Popular Magazine Collection, 19th, 20th, and 21st Century

Woodside Cotton Mills Cash Ledger No. 8, 1914-1915