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Book Awards: British Book Awards

Various book awards and links to the books in our collection. Happy reading!

British Book Awards

2021 British Book Awards Shortlists - Locus Online

The British Book Awards, or Nibbies, represent the best of the book trade and celebrate sthe world of books at its finest. It aims to affirm, connect and energise all who have a hand in creating books and all who read them, by showcasing the authors and illustrators who who have stirred our hearts and imaginations, and the industry behind the scenes have brought them to readers.

Our Books of the Year recognise that a book’s success is not down to just one factor. It is the author’s creative genius, the agent and publisher’s skill and support and the retailers who champion it, just to name a few. Our Book Trade Awards celebrate everyone from independent bookshops in rural Scotland to the industry’s largest players, from agents championing debut authors to marketers and publicists finding the best route to readers. Everyone plays a vital role in publishing’s ecosystem, and we are here to shine a light on every bit of it.

2022 Winners