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Book Awards: Franz Kafka Prize

Various book awards and links to the books in our collection. Happy reading!

Franz Kafka Prize

The Franz Kafka Prize is given out annually by the Franz Kafka Society and the City of Prague in honor of the 20th century writer Franz Kafka.  It is awarded to a writer's body of work based on,  "quality and exclusivity of the artwork, its humanistic character and contribution to cultural, national, language and religious tolerance, its existential, timeless character, its generally human validity and its ability to hand over a testimony about our times."

Award winners

2019: Pierre Michon 

2018: Ivan Wernisch

2017: Margaret Atwood

2016: Claudio Magris

2015: Eduardo Mendoza

2014: Yan Lianke

2013: Amos Oz

2012: Daniela Hodrová

2011: John Banville

2010- Václav Havel

2009- Peter Handke

2008: Arnošt Lustig

2007: Yves Bonnefoy

2006: Haruki Murakami

2005: Harold Pinter

2004- Elfriede Jelinek

2003: Péter Nádas

2002: Ivan Klíma

2001: Philip Roth