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Book Awards: Jhalak Prize

Various book awards and links to the books in our collection. Happy reading!

Jhalak Prize

jhalak-prize.png​First awarded in March 2017, the Jhalak Prize and its sister award Jhalak Children’s & YA Prize (founded in 2020), seek to celebrate books by British/British resident BAME writers. 

​The prizes are unique in that they accept entries published in the UK by writers of colour. These include (and not limited to) fiction, non-fiction, short stories, graphic novels, poetry and all other genres. The Jhalak Children’s and YA Prize accepts books for children, teens and young adults including picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, poetry, non-fiction, and all other genres by writers of colour and aimed at young readers. The prizes are also open to self-published writers. 

​The Jhalak Prize awards £1000 to each winner along with a unique work of art created by artists chosen for the annual Jhalak Art Residency. Furthermore, all short listed authors receive one-year complimentary membership of The London Library, the UK's largest independent library. Each winner receives a two-year complimentary membership.

Jhalak Award - Adult

Jhalak Award - Children's & YA