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World War I Archival Resources

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Manuscript Collections

"A Short History of 323rd Ambulance Company in WWI” by William E. Bomar, typescript photocopy

John O. Donaldson Correspondence, 1917-1919: letters written while with the Royal Air Force in England

Talmage Gerrald - FU student killed in WWI, correspondence 1916-1918, 1939, Certificates and Memorials

Thomas Carlisle Herbert - correspondence to and from Carlisle and his mother while he served in Europe

Letter from Charlotte Easton to her mother, April 27, 1918, from Paris, France. (Easton was Assistant Professor of Biology, GWC 1928-1932, and Furman, 1933-1944)

Richard D. Sawyer Historical Postcard Collection:

  • Camp Jackson; Camp Sevier; Camp Wadsworth; Army Division

John L. Plyler Family Collection

  • Postcard from John L. Plyler to J.W. Plyler, October 15, 1919 from Camp Sevier near Taylors, S.C.


  • Compass that belonged to John Plyler in WWI - John L. Plyler Family Collection
  • Alester G. Furman, Jr. WWI Uniform including jacket, pants, captain’s hat and bayonet - Alester G. Furman III Collection
  • Service Flag, Furman University 1917-1918, in memory of the 538 Furman Students who served in WWI
  • 48 Star U.S. flag given by Annie Long, dorm matron, to a squad of FU soldiers (possibly WWI) 


  • Promoting liberty bonds during WWI with Wilson picture and quote
  • Promoting liberty bonds during WWI with sketches of 2 children wearing red, white and blue,
  • Promoting American Library Association (ALA) bringing books to soldiers

Secondary Material