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Guidelines to Transfer Social Media Account Data to the University Archives

Thank you for considering transferring your social media account data to the University Archives!

We collect social media account data by requesting that transferrers download a copy of their data and transfer the resulting .zip file to us. Please contact the Furman Libraries' Special Collections & Archives at if you have questions about transferring social media account data to the University Archives or if you are unsure if your data should be transferred. Here are the two steps that will guide you through the download and transfer process.

Step 1: Download Social Media Account Data
The process for downloading social media data varies, depending on the platform. Refer to the official instructions given by each platform: 

Instagram - Please select to download the .zip file in JSON format
Facebook for Organizational Pages 

Important: Please note that social media data download will likely include sensitive data that you may not have expected to view. For information on how the FUL Special Collections and Archives will handle such data, as well as options you have as an account holder, please review our Social Media Collecting Policy.

Step 2: Transfer Social Media Account Data
Please fill out the Social Media Account Data Transfer Form, which can be accessed below. 

Transfer Social Media Account Data


After Special Collections & Archives receive your social media account data, we will send you an acknowledgement and confirmation that would include details for future access to these materials in the University Archives. 

Thank you very much for contributing to Furman’s history.