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Past Research and Creative Fellowship Recipients - Students

Summer 2017:  [see News story]

  • Chrissy Hicks ’20, Music major and classicist, worked on our growing collection of medieval music manuscripts: studying the background of manuscript production, the uses of medieval written music, and looking closely at our manuscripts to confirm or expand their present descriptions and what we know about them. 
  • Emory Conetta ’18 , an Art History and Studio Art double major who used our collection of Furman and Greenville Woman’s College scrapbooks from the early 20th century in a project that will study young women’s identity and practices of keeping and making memory, in Greenville and the South. One of her aims is to start making her own scrapbook as a response to what she discovers, and this summer fellowship will form the basis of her year-long senior studio art project, which will culminate in a gallery show spring 2018. 

Summer 2018:  [see Blog]

  • Olivia Corso ’20, an English and Art History double major. Olivia's project was on the imagery and iconography of women in antiquity using several different types of sources from Special Collections and Archives.

Summer 2019: [see News story]

  • Jess Foster ’20, studied the role of antisemitism in Greenville mayor Max Heller’s unsuccessful 1978 congressional campaign
  • Allie Bolton ’21, created a documentary film on Furman history as an extension of the 4 short films that she and Claudia Leslie ’19 created for use in the Pathways program this fall 2019

Summer 2020

  • Ariel Crank ’22 researched the history of the teaching of English at Furman, the growth of the English department and its curricula, and compared the development of Furman’s English curricula and requirements with regional and national changes in the teaching of college English from the mid-19th century to the present.
  • Max Dudley ’21 looked at the recent development and revitalization of Main Street and downtown Greenville through the lens of the religious networks and connections that impacted Greenville’s growth, a novel approach to the conventional case studies on this aspect of Greenville’s history.

Summer 2023

  • Carly Gillis ’25 researched antebellum Baptist and Southern ministers’ rhetoric around slavery and the impending Civil War as part of a larger project studying Southern “fire-eater” sermons.