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FUL Student Assistant Guide

This guide is intended to be a resource for student assistants of the James B Duke, Maxwell Music and Sanders Science libraries at Furman University.


If it is a non-emergency (locked out, flat tire, escort needed) contact campus police
at x2111 or 864-294-2111.


  • When the alarm sounds, leave immediately through the closest exit.
  • Alert others to the emergency and ask if they will need help.
  • Do not use elevators unless instructed to do so by emergency personnel.
  • Be aware of people with disabilities in your area that might require assistance in an emergency evacuation. Be prepared to render assistance if necessary. (Note: It is suggested that people with disabilities prepare for emergencies by learning the locations of exit corridors and by informing co-workers, professors, and/or classmates of best methods of assistance during an emergency.)
  • Once outside, move to an Emergency Assembly Point at least 300 feet from the building. Remain at the Emergency Assembly Point until a headcount is taken, and further instructions are provided by emergency personnel or University Police.
  • Do not return to an evacuated building until advised by the Fire Department or University Police.

Active Shooter

WARNING: some content may be upsetting to some viewers.


  1. ‚ÄčRUN:  Evacuating the affected area is always the first, best option during an attack.  Have an plan for escape in mind.  Think outside the box - break windows and walls if necessary to get away.  Call campus police at 864-294-2111 and warn those around you as you evacuate.  
  2. HIDE:  If escape is not an option, hide in an area out of the attacker's view.  Lock, and if possible, barricade doors.  Notify campus police and call 911.  Consider using the LiveSafe app if you must remain silent.
  3. FIGHT:  As a last resort, do whatever it takes to save your life and the lives of others.  Fight back as a group.  Consider using improvised weapons, such as a fire extinguisher, belt, or other object.  Look for opportunities to go on the offensive, such as when the shooter is reloading or distracted.

Remember, police are on the way. Do whatever you can to get away or slow the attacker until police arrive. You can survive!