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FUL Student Assistant Guide

This guide is intended to be a resource for student assistants of the James B Duke, Maxwell Music and Sanders Science libraries at Furman University.



ITS Self Help Page - answers a LOT of ITS related questions

Library Places to Know

You'll get a lot of questions in the Main Library. Here are some answers:

  • Special Collections and Archives is on the second floor to the left.
  • Library Director (Administration) is on the second floor to the right.
  • The Pitts Room is on the second floor. It has stained glass and it's pretty.
  • The Haynsworth Room is on the main floor, directly behind the movable shelves of books with call number N. Also known as the Harry Potter room.
  • Classrooms 041 and 043 are on the lower level around the right of the elevator.
  • The Digital Collections Center is on the lower level, across from the IT Service Desk.
  • Interlibrary Loan / Information Services Questions:
    • Can I renew my interlibrary loan book? [Maybe-submit a request 7 days before up to 3 days after]
    • Can I request textbooks through ILL? [Absolutely - and PASCAL too]
    • How do I make an interlibrary loan request? [Create an account on the library website]
    • How long does ILL take? [Depends on where it's coming from]
  • PASCAL Questions:
    • Can I renew my PASCAL book? [Yes - in your library account]
    • Can I request textbooks through PASCAL? [Absolutely - and ILL too]
    • How do I use PASCAL? [Via the library website]
    • How long does PASCAL take? [Usually 3 days via courier]
  • Ask Us:
    • I have this book’s title and call number, can you help me find it? [Of course]
    • How do I print? [Swipe your card at the printer]
    • Do you have a stapler? [Every printer has a stapler]
    • Can you help me use the scanner? [Sure can - they're in the printers]
    • Can I reserve a study room? [Yes, the first 6 on the main floor - here]
    • Do you have the “Journal of Marketing”? [Maybe - let's check the library catalog.]

Who are the neighbors in our neighborhood?

There are other departments in the Main Library besides, well, the Library:

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) is on the lower level, across from the elevator. This department also includes Academic Assistance, and Tutoring (to be a paid tutor or to receive tutoring assistance.)

The IT Service Desk (Help Desk) is on the lower level, to the right when exiting the elevator. The Help Desk is also where we get toner for the printers and return used toner cartridges!

The Writing and Media Lab is on the lower level, directly across from the elevator. 

The Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection is on the lower level, past the classrooms, on the left.

The offices of Pre-Professional Advising is on the lower level, past the classrooms, on the left, past the Cothran Center.

What do these words mean?

  • BOUND periodicals - these are prior year periodicals that are located on the lower level of the main library, to the left, in the movable shelving.
  • CURRENT periodicals - those are periodicals/journals/magazines that are for the current year. They are located in the main library, to the right of the Circulation Desk if you are facing the desk.
  • MEDIA - Media consists of DVDs, audiobooks and spoken word albums. This collection is located at the back of Current periodicals.
  • RESERVES - these are items that are placed on reserve for a semester by a faculty member. They are located behind the Circulation Desk at each of the library branches. They have a limited circulation, noted on the reserve label on the item and are shelved in the RESERVES section until they are no longer on reserve.