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S.C. Baptist Historical Collection

South Carolina Baptist Biographies

These files contain secondary materials on South Carolina Baptist ministers and other important figures in the South Carolina Baptist community. Files may contain newspaper and periodical articles, obituaries, and biographies. 

South Carolina Baptist Church Reference Files

These files contain miscellaneous secondary materials such as newspaper articles, bulletins, and church histories. These files do not contain church records or membership lists. The list is alphabetical by church name and includes the organization date.

A majority of these files only contain a photocopy of the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) Historical Records Survey of Church Records (also known as the Inventory of Church Archives) completed between 1937-1939.

The WPA questionnaires provided the means by which information was systematically gathered on African-American and white churches in both rural and urban areas, including address, date organized, building description, construction date, and, of primary importance, listings of any known church records. The original survey sheets are held in the Manuscripts Division of the South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia, and are available online HERE.

Baptist Institutions and Agencies

Box 1, A – Ba

1. Baptist Medical Center at Columbia Formally Called (Baptist Hospital)

2. Baptist Courier

3. Baptist Foundation Baptist Peace Fellowship

Box 2, Be – Ch

1. Bethea Baptist Home

2. Camp Rawls

3. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist Carolina Baptist

4. S.C. ENCY. SOU. Baptists Charleston Association General Committee

Box 3, Ch – G

1. Church Music Department

2. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist Coker College

3. Church Library Development

4. 90 Years of Connie Maxwell History

5. Connie Maxwell Children’s Home

6. Connie Maxwell Children’s Home

7. Easley Baptist Hospital

8. Edisto Academy

9. S.C. Baptist Education Missionary Society

10. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist Convention

11. Educational Institutions Standing Committee

12. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist Furman Fitting School

Box 4, H – Q

1. Hodges and Fuller Institutes

2. Limestone College

3. Lon Creek Baptist Academy, Oconee County, SC 919150

4. Luther Rice Area Baptist Missions, publication “The Bridgebuilder,” for Edgefield, Reedy River, and Ridge Associations of South Carolina Baptist Convention, 1978-1984

5. Margaret Home, Greenville, S.C., 1905-1914

6. Marietta Baptist Camp, Greenville, County, S.C.

7. Martha Franks Baptist Retirement Center

8. Martin-Webb Baptist Learning Center

9. McCall Royal Ambassadors Camp

10. Pee Dee Academy

Box 5, R – Z

1. S.C. Baptist Secretaries

2. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist Ridgedale Academy

3. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist Roberts Academy

4. Rolling Green Village Greenville, SC

5. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist SC Baptist Historical Society

6. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist SC Baptist hospital

7. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist Southern Academy

8. South Carolina Baptist Religious Education Association

9. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist Spartan Academy

10. Spartanburg County Baptist Deacons’ Forum

11. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist Six mile Baptist Academy

12. S.C. SEC. ENCY. SOU. Baptist Woman’s missionary