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Robert "Bob" W. Smith Collection, 1936-1942

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This collection is arranged alphabetically by types of material.

Scope and Contents

The Robert “Bob” W. Smith Collection contains items “captured” during WWII, including writings in Japanese, black & white photographs, Japanese coins and currency, a Chinese bill, and postcards. 

There is also a letter to Mr. Smith from a Ginger Danton regarding the identification of the Japanese writings, the currency and the flags. Ms. Danton indicates that the writings are letters from a Japanese soldier’s family in Manchuria [in China, invaded by Japan in 1931], and that one of the letters was written to an Imperial Marine from a girl whom he met in China while doing duty there in 1938.  The photographs depict what appears to be a funeral with a Japanese family in traditional dress.  The postcards and photographs are stamped on the back with “Examined in the Field.”