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Robert "Bob" W. Smith Collection, 1936-1942

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  1. Currency, Chinese
    1. One Yuan bill, Chinese 1936. Features Sun Yat-Sen, known as the father of modern China, on the front. Back-left is a profile of Sun Yat-Sen. Back-right is the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the largest hall inside the Forbidden City, now officially known as the Palace Museum. A new currency that came into being during the 1930s due to the activities of the invading Japanese, this bill was issued by the Central Bank of China, one of four major government controlled banks.
  1. Currency, Japanese
    1. (14) 50 Sen bill, Japan 1942.  The front features the chrysanthemum crest at top center, the Imperial Crest of the Emperor; cherry blossoms, and the Yasukuni Shrine. The shrine, dedicated to spirits of dead Japanese soldiers, took on great symbolic importance during and after World War II.  The back of the note features a mountain range.  
    2. (49) 50 Sen bill, Japan 1938. The front features Mt. Fujiyama, cherry blossoms, and at top center, the chrysanthemum crest, the Imperial Crest of the Emperor.
    3. Two (2) aluminum 10 sen coins, Japan, dated year 17 of the reign of Emperor Hirohito (1942).  The coins feature a chrysanthemum crest (Imperial Crest of the Emperor) with paulownia foliage on one side and a double petal cherry blossom on the other. 
  1. Photographs
  2. Postcards, Japanese (11)
  3. Writings in Japanese (4)
  4. Letter from Ginger Denton to Mr. Smith, undated