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John L. Plyler Family Collection, ca. 1900 – 2014

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Contents List

Series 1. John R. Plyler Family

Box 1

Folder 1. Letter to Mrs. J.R. Plyler from Geo. W. Truett (brother), March 4, 1911

Folder 2. John R. Plyler’s address directory, undated

Folder 3. Deed selling Plyler home in Travelers Rest, 1904, photocopy

Folder 4. Grade report card, Willie Plyler, 10th grade, Greenville City High School, September 14, 1908

Folder 5. Photographs, 1893 – 1918 and undated

  • Copy of photograph, John R. Plyler family on front porch of home in Travelers Rest, 1893.  Seated on left Mrs. Mary Earle Plyler with baby James Williams Plyler in lap, Caroline Earle Plyler in pram, nurse behind her, John Robert Plyler standing to right.
  • Superintendent John Robert Plyler with hands folded (second from left), undated
  • John R. Plyler and Mary Earle Plyler (front row) and children from left to right: J.W. Plyler, Earle K., Annie, John L. (back row), undated
  • John Robert Plyler’s family, c.1915-17.  Back row: Earle K., John L., J.W.  Front row: Annie, Caroline, Mary Earle, John R. Plyler
  • Postcard, Corp. J.W. Plyler, Camp Sevier, October 3, 1918
  • Postcard, Corp. J.W. Plyler, Camp Sevier, October 3, 1918 [different pose]
  • Postcard, from John L. Plyler to brother, J.W. Plyler, from Camp Sevier near Taylors, S.C., October 15, 1919
  • Family Portrait, undated – oldest daughter not pictured
  • Family Portrait [1910s]
  • Mary Earle Plyler, John L. Plyler’s mother, undated
  • Mary Earle Plyler, John L. Plyler’s mother, undated

Series 2. John L. Plyler Family

Subseries 1 - Biographical

Box 2

Folder 1. John L. Plyler: Education, 1909-1922

Folder 2. John L. Plyler: Military Service, WWI

Folder 3. John L. Plyler: Attorney, County Judge, 1923, 1934

Folder 4. John L. Plyler: President, Furman University

Folder 5. John L. Plyler: Retirement, 1964

Folder 6. Essay, “A Man and a School, John L. Plyler and Furman University: 1939-1964,” by Francis W. Bonner, April 1, 1964

Folder 7. Furman Faculty Dinner, March 5, 1964

Folder 8. Duke Endowment Dinner, April 27, 1964

Folder 9. Furman Alumni Day, May 30, 1964

Folder 10. Buttonhole Club Breakfast, Greenville Chamber of Commerce – June 5, 1964

Folder 11. John L. Plyler: Resolutions

Folder 12. Dr. John Laney Plyler Interchange, 2014Correspondence to Mrs. Beatrice Dennis Plyler on the death of John L. Plyler, 1966

Folder 13. John L. Plyler Memorial Service, April 7, 1966

Folder 14. John L. Plyler Funeral, April 7, 1966

Folder 15. Speech, “John Laney Plyler: A Memory,” by Francis W. Bonner, Vice President and Dean of Furman University, at the dedication of the John Laney Plyler Hall of Science on October 22, 1966

Folder 16. Mrs. Beatrice Dennis Plyler

Subseries 2. Correspondence

Box 3

  • Album of congratulatory correspondence to Judge Plyler on his election to Furman University President, December 1938 [2008-004]

Box 4

  • Bound volume of letters written to President John Laney Plyler on his retirement, August 31, 1964.
  • John L. Plyler: Personal Correspondence, 1929-1965 and undated
  • John L. Plyler: Correspondence, 1964-1965

Subseries 3. Photographs

Box 5

Folder 1. John L. Plyler Family

  • John and Bea Plyler on cruise ship, undated
  • Frances Funderburk, Mickey and Charlie Daniel, and Bea Plyler at Furman Refectory on the old Men’s Campus before a football game, undated
  • Dr. John L. Plyler and Bea Plyler with students at 308 University Ridge, undated
  • Plyler family, two elder sons in uniform, undated (l to r: John Jr., Bea, Keith, John Sr., Jim)
  • Plyler’s photographed in a group of unidentified people on board the R.M.S. Queen Mary which toured the Mediterranean in 1955
  • Plyler’s at table with unidentified man and woman, on board the R.M.S. Queen Mary, 1955
  • Plyler’s (couple on the right) with unidentified man and woman, on board RMS Queen Mary, 1955
  • Bea Plyler and unidentified woman on board the R.M.S. Queen Mary, 1955
  • Plyler’s on staircase, on board the R.M.S. Queen Mary, 1955 (2 copies)
  • Family photo, from left to right: John L. Plyler, Jr., Mrs. John L. Plyler, Sr., Keith Plyler, Dr. John Plyler, and James D. Plyler, undated
  • Photo of the wives of presidents from the Southern University Conference – Mrs. Edward McCready, Sewanee University, seated, second from left on sofa end, and Mrs. John L. Plyler Sr. (Bea), Furman University, right end
  • Plyler’s descending stairs, Dean Tibbs behind them, student seated to right, undated
  • Plyler’s on camels in front of pyramids. Visit to Egypt as part of a cruise sponsored by Furman, 1955
  • Dr. John L. Plyler, Sr. in front of the Royal Monceal Hotel, undated
  • Dr. and Mrs. John L. Plyler by fireplace, undated
  • Dr. and Mrs. John L. Plyler by fireplace looking at each other [used in Bonhomie]
  • Campus Club Tea, Mrs. Donald, Mrs. Plyler, and unidentified woman, undated
  • Mrs. John L. Plyler, seated reading at White Oaks; Louis M. Burress photographer, News-Piedmont, December 28, 1960
  • Dr. John L. Plyler and Bea behind their home [taken for Furman Magazine].
  • John L. Plyler family at the dedication of the Plyler Science Building, 1966  (Dr. Plyler recently deceased) From left to right: John Plyler, Jr. and son John III; Charlotte age 4; James “Dennis”, Jr.; James D. Plyler;  Sharon holding hand of Bea Plyler; and Keith Plyler
  • Mrs. Plyler, Mickey Daniel, and Earle Furman, Trustee’s Dining Room, new campus, undated
  • Unveiling of the portrait of John L. Plyler, Sr. (now in the Trustees Room), from left to right: R. Markley Dennis, Rembert C. Dennis, Mrs. Plyler, John E. Johns, E.J. “Billy” Dennis

Folder 2. John L. Plyler

  • Portrait, ca. 1915
  • Portrait, ca. 1915
  • Group of boys, John L. Plyler far left; teacher and coach at City High School (CHS) [later Greenville High School] for three years between 1913-1917
  • CHS Basketball Team, John L. Plyler back row left
  • CHS Baseball Team, John L. Plyler back row right
  • CHS Basketball team, 1915 Champs
  • Plyler in Army uniform, WWI [duplicate postcard of Pic 1412 in RG 45/005-A]
  • At Harvard, six young men posing, John L. Plyler seated front row right
  • Page from scrapbook, 3 photos, Plyler with Harvard roommates, sitting on steps, and with attorney and friend F. Dean Raney
  • Plyler portrait, Furman faculty 1923-1932 (Bonhomie),The Mitchell Studios cover [used in Furman University Magazine Spring 1964]
  • Mann and Plyler Law firm;  A.C. Mann, Plyler, Miss Stevenson, Masonic Building, ca. 1929 [firm 1925-1934]
  • Plyler at beginning of his presidency, seated, ca. 1939
  • Plyler on front steps of Administration building, downtown campus, ca. 1940
  • Plyler, standing at his desk, undated
  • Dr. John L. Plyler, portrait by Mills Steele, undated
  • Dr. Plyler and two unidentified students, undated
  • Student body President (__?__ Brown), “Sapp” Funderburk, and John L. Plyler, undated
  • Alumnae Day luncheon on Furman Woman’s College campus; left to right Dean Futch, Dr. Plyler, Dr. David Ramsay and Dean A.E. Tibbs [see Furman Magazine, May-June 1953 p. 6]
  • Faculty Banquet, Thursday, March 5, 1964 at Poinsett Hotel. From left to right: Dr. Olivia Futch, Mrs. John Sampey, John Plyler, Mrs. R. N. Daniel, Dr. John Sampey, Mrs. John Plyler, Dr. R. N. Daniel
  • Bea Plyler, Newton Turrentine, John Plyler,  Buttonhole Club Breakfast – June 5, 1964; Joe F. Jordan Photographer
  • Dr. Plyler seated alone,  Buttonhole Club Breakfast – June 5, 1964; Joe F. Jordan Photographer
  • Dr. and Mrs. Plyler in front of their new home near Furman campus [used in Furman Magazine]
  • John L. Plyler speaking in the Men’s Dining Hall on the Old Campus, undated
  • John L. Plyler with Edward McDowell at 1946 Commencement
  • John L. Plyler in his late teens, early 20s [2]
  • John L. Plyler in his 20s
  • John L. Plyler taken between 1920 and 1922

Folder 3:  Duke Endowment Dinner, April 27, 1964

  • Head table, honoring Plyler on his 25th Anniversary as President of Furman University; left to right: Mrs. Tom Perkins, John Plyler, Gov. Donald Russell, Tom Perkins, Bea Plyler
  • Dr. and Mrs. Plyler shaking hands
  • Mrs. Plyler shaking hands
  • Audience
  • Dr. John L. Plyler, Mrs. Thomas L. Perkins, Gov. Donald Russell, Mrs. Bea Plyler, Thomas L. Perkins

Folder 4: Unidentified

  • Unknown man in top hat, long coat and cane [J.C. Fitzgerald photographer]
  • Unidentified young male and female, unidentified house in background, ca. 1900
  • Unidentified house, ca. 1900
  • Unidentified female in front of house, ca. 1900
  • Two men walking across a dirt road, undated [very faint writing on back “WJE and Larry E”; on front possibly “Willie E Jeferson]
  • D.E. Hydrick Law Office with two men out front

Box 6 – Photographs, oversize

  • Album, Memoirs of Alumni Day, John Laney Plyler, May 30, 1964
  • Scrapbook page, 3 photos; Plyler in Army uniform; Plyler in uniform with soldiers in a pyramid; Plyler in uniform, tents in background
  • Scrapbook page, 4 photos; Plyler in judges robes, seated; Plyler 1943; Plyler seated on lawn; Plyler in coat and hat standing in front of Administration Building
  • Scrapbook page, clippings from The Furman Hornet, 1939, 1942, 1943
  • John L. Plyler family, elder sons in uniform [duplicate of small photograph]
  • Class photograph, Harvard Law School, 1921 [Plyler top row 13th from left]
  • Photo of Harvard Law School – Class of 1921—35th Reunion—October 20, 1956
  • Photo of Harvard Law School – Class of 1921—40th Reunion—October 28, 1961
  • Photo of Southern University Conference, Edgewater Park, Mississippi, [possibly early ‘50s]

Subseries 4. Awards and Certificates

Box 7 – Awards and Certificates, oversize

  • Beatrice D. Plyler:  Mary Mildred Sullivan Award, April 23, 1977
  • Beatrice D. Plyler:  Charter member of the Furman University Heritage Society, May 31, 1988
  • Beatrice D. Plyler:  Remarks by Dr. Francis W. Bonner at dedication of the Fountain Honoring Beatrice Dennis Plyler, Friday, Oct 11, 1996
  • The Furman Hornet, page 5, Oct 29, 1960
  • Memorial from the National Collegiate Athletic Association in honor of John Laney Plyler, January 9, 1967, inscribed to Beatrice Dennis Plyler
  • Certificates, Pan-American-Grace Airways to John (1) and Beatrice (1) Plyler, airliner Panagra on June 15, 1960 [trip to Baptist World Alliance in Rio de Janeiro, flew down, came back by boat.]
  • John Plyler: Anderson College, Special Fiftieth Anniversary Award to John Plyler for service to Christian education
  • John Plyler: Certificate, appointed a Colonel to the Governor of South Carolina, December 28, 1950 [signed by Governor J. Strom Thurmond]
  • John Plyler: Wofford College, Honorary Degree of Law , 1953
  • John Plyler: Founders Day Convocation honoring JLP, January 11, 1954
  • John Plyler: Furman University, Doctor of Letters, 1954
  • Presentation remarks, Distinguished Public Service Award, American Legion Dept. of South Carolina, John L. Plyler, 1961
  • John Plyler: Certificate of Appreciation from the Board of Trustees of Furman University to Dr. and Mrs. John Laney Plyler, Jan. 12, 1963
  • John Plyler: The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, May 30, 1964
  • John Plyler: Certificate from Furman University Chapter of American Association of University Professors (AAUP), May 1964.
  • John Plyler: Citation for Honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, USC, 1964; program, USC Commencement, 1964
  • John Plyler: Proclamation of Gratitude from the Greater Greenville City of Commerce to JLP
  • Keith Plyler: Beginner Department Promotion Certificate, First Baptist Church Sunday School, September 29, 1946

Box 8 – Awards and Certificates, Oversize

  • John Plyler: Plaque [marble], Distinguished Public Service Award, American Legion Dept. of South Carolina, John L. Plyler, 1961
  • Beatrice Dennis Plyler, Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanities by Furman University, April 21, 2004

Subseries 5. Artifacts and framed pieces

Box 9

  • Article, “Furman’s New President,” by H.W. Provence, unknown newspaper, ca. 1939, framed
  • Baseball charm—belonged to John L. Plyler
  • Baseball —the first ball thrown on the new campus by John Plyler
  • Bullet mold [Acc. 2012-021]
  • Calling cards, John L. Plyler, Furman University President
  • Calling cards, John L. Plyler, Mann and Plyler, Attorneys at Law
  • Campaign button, “Reagan ’84 “
  • Class ring – J.W. [James William] Plyler [1891-1985], Class of 1913
  • Compass—belonged to John L. Plyler in WWI
  • Editorial, “Dr. John L. Plyler ends a distinguished career,” Greenville Piedmont, January 30, 1964, framed
  • How to Use Log Slide Rules, by Maurice L. Hartung, 1953. (Accompanies slide rule)
  • Inlaid wood scene, “Lavori in Legno Intarsiato lavorato a mano” [Handworked inlaid woodwork], bought by Mrs. Bea Plyler
  • Inlaid wood scene, Market Hall, Ledbury, Herefordshire, England, given by Fred Townley-Lord to Mrs. Bea Plyler
  • Lapel button, Kennedy & Johnson [worn by Plyler]
  • Lapel pin, Republican Presidential Task Force
  • Medal, Republican Presidential Task Force Medal of Merit
  • Passport, John L. and Beatrice D. Plyler
  • Portfolio cover, “John L. Plyler” embossed name
  • Slide rule that belonged to Earle Keith Plyler

Box 10 – Oversize framed pieces [in 207 Special Collections Storage]

  • Painting, Mary Thompson Earle Plyler [Valedictorian of Greenville Baptist Female College, 1873 and also the only woman at the college to receive a diploma that year], framed
  • Painting, Thomas Keith Earle, Valedictorian of Furman University (men’s campus), 1883, framed [1862-1923; brother of Mary T. Earle Plyler]
  • Framed photographs taken at dedication of Bea Dennis Plyler Fountain, 1996

Box 11 – Oversize framed pieces [in 207 Special Collections Storage]

  • Framed degrees; John L. Plyler University of S.C. Honorary Doctor of Laws, 1964; and Harvard University Law, 1921

Box 12 [in 207 Special Collections Storage]

  • Photograph, Dr. John L. Plyler, second print from photo originally taken for framed photograph in Board of Trustees conference room. Colorized. Framed  

Box 13 and 14 [in 207 Special Collections Storage]

  • Academic hoods for John L. Plyler and Bea Plyler

Box 15 [in 207 Special Collections Storage]

  • John L. Plyler Academic robe

Box 16 [in 207 Special Collections Storage]

  • Academic hoods (4) and one tam

Map Case

  • Letter of recommendation from Dr. E.K. Plyler on behalf of Charles Townes, photocopy, enlarged [Map Case 4, Drawer , Folder 2]
  • Paper bag, J.R. Plyler, “Dealer in General Merchandise! 614 Pendleton St., Greenville, SC” [Map Case 2, Drawer 5, Folder 4]
  • Photograph, S.C. Bankers Association, July 6, 1921, Kanuga Lake Inn [Map Case 2, Drawer 5, Folder 3]