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Collection of materials from the Pelham Mills office, 1927-1946

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Organizational History

The building known as the Pelham Mills office was originally part of the Pelham Mills complex. It is unknown when this building was constructed as there are two other buildings in this location in an 1891 photograph.

The Pelham Mills originally began in 1820 as the Buena Vista Factory, most likely the first cotton mill in Greenville District. In 1827, it became the Hutchings Factory and later the Lester Factory. Pelham Manufacturing Company bought the Lester Factory in 1880 and changed the name to Pelham Mills in 1882. Pelham Mills closed in 1935 and the mill buildings and warehouse burned in 1941.

The building known as the Pelham Mills office may have functioned in part as the Pelham Mills Post Office at some point. The Buena Vista Post Office was operating from 1847-1880, then became the Pelham Mills Post Office in 1880. The Pelham Mills Post Office became a Rural Free Delivery (RFD) in 1917 and was officially Pelham Rural Station.

The building known as Pelham Mills office was purchased by Furman A. Ross in 1943. Ross at some point built a grocery store next to this office. Ross retired in 1968, and Ross's daughter and her husband continued to run the store. Use of the post office ceased in 1996.

The Pelham Mills office building was moved across the street in 2002 when Highway 14 was widened, and is now part of the Pelham Mills Park.