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Collection of materials from the Pelham Mills office, 1927-1946

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Contents List

Folder 1. Pelham Mills, Bills and Contracts, 1927, 1929

Folder 2. Pelham Mills, Spinning Room Report blank

Folder 3. Pelham Mills, Daily Records Example blank

Folder 4. Pelham Mills, Cotton Tags, undated

Folder 5. Pelham Rural Station, registry delivery book, 1930-1946

Folder 6. Pelham Rural Station, COD Mailing and Delivery Receipts, 1944

Folder 7. Pelham Rural Station, Daily Station Report, December 8, 1945

Folder 8. F.A. Ross, Bank Statements, 1946

Folder 9. F.A. Ross, Checks, 1946