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UA 13/010 Olivia Futch Papers, 1927-1975

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Contents List

Box 1

  • Thesis, “Problems in the Teaching of Written Composition in the High Schools of Florida,” by Olivia Futch, July, 1927
  • Dissertation, “A Study of Eye-Movement in the Reading of Latin,” by Olivia Futch, ca. 1934 [published in Journal of General Psychology, October, 1935]

Box 2

Folder 1. Address, “Enter the Door,” Southeastern Regional Conference of Kappa Delta Epsilon, undated

Folder 2. Address, “Patriotic Meditation,” Mission USA, undated

Folder 3. Address, “Six Bells for Senior Order,” undated

Folder 4. Address, “The Challenge of Achievement,” Commencement for Nurses, undated

Folder 5. Address, presented at AAUW Florence Branch meeting, 195?

Folder 6. Address, Parent’s Day, Furman University, 1960

Folder 7. Chapel Talks, Furman University, 1953 – 1955

Folder 8. Chapel Talks, Furman University, 1956 – 1959

Folder 9. Chapel Talks, Furman University, 1960 – 1963

Folder 10. Devotional for Golden Agers, September 5, 1975

Folder 11. Essay, "Brief Survey of Educational Work with the Mentally Retarded in the United States," presented at International Council for Exceptional Children, May 4, 1973

Folder 12. Essay, “The Education of Women at Furman University,” ca. 1954

Folder 13. Letter, “Greetings from Dean Futch,” ca. 1950 [letter to new students]

Folder 14. Miscellaneous Materials

Folder 15. Photographs

Folder 16. Published Essays

Folder 17. Published work based on dissertation research, 1934-1935