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Mary Bridges Barr Family Papers, 1863-1898

Contents List

Booklet, “Barr Family Letters 1863-1898: The Letters of Annie Bridges and Mamie Barr,” Transcribed by Mary and Laurie Copans, Brattleboro, Vermont, 1991

Folder 1. Ziah to Auntie, Barhamville Institute, January – April 1864

Folder 2. To Cassie from Clara (February 24, 1866)

Folder 3. Letters from Annie to Aunt Clara, 1863-1867

Folder 4. Letters from Annie K. Bridges to Miss Sherwell, 1865-1868 – includes a child’s glove

Folder 5. Letter from C. E. Williams to Alice and Mary on their grandfather’s death, 1879

Folder 6. Letters from F. E. Bridges to daughters Alice and Mary, 1881-1884

Folder 7. Letters from Annie Bridges (daughter of Frank and Sallie Bridges) to half-sisters Alice and Mary about their father’s health and death, 1885

Folder 8. “Love Letter” from George T. Barr to Mary “Mamie” Bridges, 1886

Folder 9. Letter to Miss Clara Barr from Anna Triggs Bryan (Sept. 13, 1888) [Clara Speights Barr, 1888–1964]

Folder 10. From Clara to Mamie just after marriage, 1889

Folder 11. Letters between Clara and Grandmother (c. 1894) [Clara Speights Barr, 1888–1964]

Folder 12. To Alice and Mamie on death of Aunt Annie, December 9, 1896

Folder 13. To George from Mary, 1889, 1898

Folder 14. Sympathy for Evander’s death, 1898

Folder 15. Letter to George from Daylight (September 14, 1898)

Folder 16. Letters to Mary while she was sick (1898)

Folder 17. Van to George and John – loss of crops (October 1898, Whitehall)

Folder 18. Sympathy to George Barr at Mary’s death, 1898

Folder 19. Letter from Miss Sherwell to Clara Speights, July 28, 18--

Folder 20. Letters from F. E. Bridges and Sallie to Cousin Clara, undated

Folder 21. To Mary Bridges Barr at the birth of Mamie, undated

Folder 22. Letter to Mary Bridges Barr from Ophelia Lovelace, undated

Folder 23. Empty Envelopes

Folder 24. Ephemera