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Rev. J. P. Isenhower Papers, 1809-1965

Biographical Sketch

Rev. J. P. Isenhower was born on August 20, 1870 in Fairfield County to John and Martha Stewart Isenhower. He was ordained on September 17, 1896 and became a teacher the same year. He attended the Furman Fitting School at Furman University in 1897, and graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1901.

Isenhower was a very active minister, pastoring in Richland, Fairfield, and Kershaw Counties between 1896 and 1960. He was the pastor of Rock Creek Baptist Church for 43 years; President of the Wateree Baptist Association in 1922; Moderator for the Fairfield Association from 1914-1927; and a Rural Missionary for the State Mission Board for 14 years.

Isenhower was also prominent outside the church. He was the Fairfield County representative to the South Carolina House of Representatives from 1927-1930, 1933-1936, and in 1945. He served in the Agriculture Committee; Labor Committee; Penitentiary Committee; Roads, Bridges, and Ferries Committee; and the State House and Grounds Committee.

Isenhower died in the Fairfield Memorial Hospital on August 18, 1964.