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Charles E. Daniel Family and White Oaks Collection, 1917-1987

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Contents List

Series 1, Charles E. Daniel

Box 1

Folder 1.Identity card for Charles Ezra Daniels, American Expeditionary Forces, ca. 1918

Folder 2.Certificate, Governor of South Carolina to Charles E. Daniel conferring position of U.S. Senator, September 6, 1954

Folder 3.Resolution, In Memory, J.P Stevens Co. Inc., October 7, 1964

Folder 4.Resolution, In Memory, Georgia-Pacific Corporation, October 29, 1964

Folder 5.Yearbooks, Business Advisory Council for Dept. of Commerce, 1958, 1964 [later The Business Council]

Box 2: Oversize

  • Certificate, Appointment to Second Lieutenant, Infantry Section, November 27, 1917
  • Plaque, Distinguished Service Award, Southern Association of Science and Industry, 1959

Series 2, Homozel Mickel Daniel

Box 3

Folder 1.Dorothy Doughty American Bird Collection information, 1944, 1953, 1955 and undated

Folder 2.Furniture [objects purchased, not purchased]

Folder 3.Gardening Notebooks, Homozel Daniel, 1969, 1973-1977, originals

Folder 4.Gardening Notebooks, Homozel Daniel, 1969, 1973-1977, photocopies

Folder 5.Ribbons, Greenville Camellia Show, 1952-1953

Folder 6.White Oaks cards and stationery

  • Printing plates for cards and stationery [small box]

Box 4: Accretion 2017-005  Swatches and décor files, 1959

Folder 1.Bedroom and bathroom #3

Folder 2.Bedroom and bathroom #4

Folder 3.Bedroom and bathroom #5

Folder 4.Dining room

Folder 5.Drawing room

Folder 6.Entrance hall and second hall

Folder 7.Garden ornaments catalog

Folder 8.Library

Folder 9.Mr. Daniel’s bedroom

Folder 10.Mr. Daniel’s office

Folder 11.Mrs. Daniel’s bedroom and bathroom

Folder 12.Mrs. Daniel’s dressing room and bath

Folder 13.Office hall

Folder 14.Passage between bedrooms #1 and #2

Folder 15.Postcards of Swann House, Atlanta

Folder 16.Powder room

Box 5: Fabric

  • Fabric swatches of unknown origin
  • Upholstery fabric from an 18th c. Philadelphia side chair

Series 3, Photographs

Box 6

Folder 1.Photographs, Daniel family, undated

  • Charles E. Daniel, undated
  • Charles E. Daniel, Harris & Ewing Photographers, Washington DC, undated
  • Homozel Mickel Daniel, undated
  • Homozel Mickel Daniel, undated
  • Dog, undated
  • Photograph album, Georgia-Pacific Corporation Board of Directors Meeting, July 28-31, 1957, photocopy
  • Photographs from Georgia-Pacific Corporation Board of Directors Meeting album, July 28-31, 1957
  • Photographs, miscellaneous

Box 7: Oversize

Folder 1.The Daniels
- Charles E. Daniel, Harris & Ewing Photographers, Washington DC, undated
- Charles E. Daniel, Chase Photographers, Washington DC, undated
- Homozel Mickel Daniel, undated

Folder 2.Photographs, politicians
- Lyndon B. Johnson, signed portrait, undated
- President Dwight D. Eisenhower Portrait, signed, 1953
- Jerry Persons, signed, undated

Folder 3.Photographs, unknown
- Unknown male, Mills Steele Photographers, Greenville, SC, undated
- Unknown couple, McCrary Photography, Atlanta, undated
- Unknown room interior view, undated

Map Case 2 Drawer 5 - autographed photo of Richard Nixon on mat board, “To Mickie Daniels with Best Wishes, Richard Nixon”

Box 8

Folder 1.Aerial Photographs, White Oaks, August 9, 1971

Folder 2.Aerial Photograph, White Oaks, undated

Folder 3.Exterior Painting, White Oaks, 1987

Folder 4.Photographs, White Oaks construction, 1960

Folder 5.Photographs, White Oaks, eagle carving, undated

Folder 6.Photographs, White Oaks, views of progress, interior, 1960

Series 4, Architectural sketches [Map Case 2 – Drawer 6]

  • Architectural sketch, F.S. carved wood armorial shields on plaster ceiling of stair hall, first floor, undated
  • Architectural sketch, suggested plan of furnishings for “The Acorn” residence, Mrs. Chas. Daniel, undated
  • Architectural sketch, swimming pool coping, undated

Box 9 -  Drawings - 207 SpecColl Storage:

  • Drawing, "F.S. Dining Room Overmantel Pediment" C.E. Daniel House [White Oaks, eagle carving]