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UA 07/008 Faculty-Administration Liaison Committee, Duncan McArthur files

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Box 2

In the file for 1977, 1979-1983, only a few of the files are from the spring of 1977. It also contains records compiled by the chair of committee for the four academic years beginning in 1979. The documents within the folder are filed chronologically with the exception of the end-of-year report, which appears first. This is the case for all other years’ files unless otherwise specified. The file 1978-1979 deals with specific issues such as summer school salaries, sabbatical funding, sabbatical inequities between departments, overload teaching salaries, and the method of appointing individuals to endowed chairs. The most significant work of the committee in the years 1983 to 1984 included 4 main projects. The first was approving new committee guidelines and interpreting them and the faculty constitution as permitting the committee to take an active role in addressing problems and on non-confidential matters to report findings to the faculty. The second was expressing the faculty’s concern about the percentages of the university budget devoted to the academic programs. The third was recommending to the president that the faculty chair be included in the president’s budget committee. The fourth was preparing a detailed report on faculty salaries, which demonstrated that Furman’s salaries were not keeping up with inflation and were not comparable to those at institutions in its peer group. Other topics covered in the 1983-1984 file include fringe benefits and the athletics committee's job description. The committee files for 1984-1985 address representation of the faculty in the budgeting process and include another comparative report on Faculty Salaries, in 1984-1985, with trends. The file for 1985-1986 continues to address fringe benefits while also examining the issues of evaluating a suggested Dean and faculty interest in a fund-raising campaign.

This collection also includes two Faculty evaluations of administration, in 1993 and 1997. The survey of faculty views on administration and on faculty governance for 1993 is relevant to the following: President John E. Johns; Dean John H. Crabtree, Jr.; Department Chairs; Faculty Organization; Budget Priorities; Board of Trustees (Message to the Board). The 1997 survey is relevant to: President David E. Shi; Dean A.V. Huff, Jr.; Faculty Chair William E. Rogers; Faculty Organization; Budget Priorities; Board of Trustees; Faculty Advice to Trustees.

Folder 1: Spring 1977, 1979-1983

Folder 2: 1978-79

Folder 3: 1983-84

Folder 4: 1984-85

Folder 5: 1985-86

Folder 6: Evaluation of Administration, 1993 (President Johns, Dean Crabtree)

Folder 7: Evaluation of Administration, 1997 (President Shi, Dean Huff, Faculty Chair Bill Rogers)

Folder 8: Faculty Salaries at Furman: Comparative Reports (1984-1994)