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InterLibrary Loan / Scan & Deliver Services

Get Articles Fast

Checklist for Getting Articles Fast

1. Check the library's Ejournals list to see if we have access to the journal you need.


2. Check the library catalog to see if we have the journal you need in paper or microform

Note: If the library has your article in our current periodicals, bound print or microform collections, we'll scan them for you and deliver them to your ILLiad account so you can read them online!


3. If the article is not available locally, use ILLiad to request it from the broader community

Some ILLiad Status Definitions

Check the status of your request in your ILLiad account

Awaiting Request Processing

  • This can mean one of two things: we have received your request and it has gone through the copyright clearance process or you have requested a renewal for this item and it is being processed.

Awaiting Post Receipt Processing

  • The requested material has arrived but is not yet ready for pickup.

Awaiting Recalled Processing

  • The lending library has recalled the item and wants it sent back immediately. You will be notified by email that the item needs to be returned.

Awaiting Renewal OK Processing

  • The lending library has granted a renewal on the item and the  ILL staff is updating the request. You will be notified of the new due date by email.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing

  • We have sent your request to potential lenders but no one has filled the request. We will continue to try to obtain the material from other sources.

Cancelled by Customer

  • The patron has cancelled the request.

Cancelled by ILL Staff

  • The request has been cancelled by ILL staff. By clicking the "View/Resubmit Cancelled Requests" button in your ILLiad account, you can obtain detailed information about the cancelled item. When ILL staff cancels an item, ILLiad immediately sends an e-mail message explaining the reason for the cancellation.

Checked Out to Customer

  • The item has arrived, been processed by the ILL staff and has been checked out to the patron.

 Customer Notified via E-Mail

  • The item has arrived, been processed by the ILL staff and you should have received an email to pick up the item.

Delivered to Web

  • The item has arrived, been processed by the ILL staff and posted to the patron's ILLiad account. It is available to be viewed and/or downloaded.  Articles are availabe for 30 days and then they are automatically deleted.

Extremely Overdue and Blocked

  • The item is more than 1 month overdue and the user has been blocked until the item is returned.

In Electronic Delivery Processing

  • An article request has been received electronically. However, a computer error has prevented the article from being delivered to you. Contact library staff when article requests appear with this status.

Item Checked In

  • The item has been returned by the patron, checked in by the ILL staff and is waiting return processing.

Received Incorrect/Partial Item

  • The item received either does not match requested item or is incomplete. The ILL staff will determine the quickest way to correct the problem.

Request Finished

  • The request has been successfully processed and completed. Requests with this status are archived under "View/Request History" button. (Cancelled requests are not considered finished requests and can be found under the "View/Resubmit Cancelled Requests" button).

Request Sent

  • The request has been sent to potential lenders and ILL is waiting for a lender to ship the item.