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Faculty Library Resources: Digital Collections Center


Female student using a scanner to digitize photographThe Digital Collections Center creates and enriches digital collections for use in instruction and research. We have 45 digital collections containing over 30,000 items of academic and general interest, including manuscripts, photographs, oral histories,and videos. These digital collections were created in collaboration with Furman faculty as well as Special Collections and Archives.



The Digital Collections Center offers the following services. To learn more about these and other services please e-mail the Digital Collections Center.


Digital Conversion

Faculty may work with the Digital Collections Center to convert their print or analog materials into a digital format. Faculty who wish to digitize their own materials are encouraged to contact the Writing & Media Lab.


Digital Collections Management

Faculty may work with the Digital Collections Center to create unique digital collections which are accessible online. This service includes scanning analog materials, working with faculty to create metadata that describe the digital objects, providing value-added context such as Google Maps or timelines, and building specialized collections. Faculty who wish to partner with the Digital Collections Center in the management of digital collections should contact the Digital Collections Center for an initial consultation.



The Digital Collections Center provides advice and assistance to faculty in the development of digital collections, the management of digital projects, or the evaluation of copyright status.


Training and Classroom Support

Faculty may request Digital Collections Center staff provide training, classroom visits, and/or customized handouts to support classroom assignments that require the use of digital collections.

Browse Our Collections

Our digital collections can be accessed through the following websites:

Contact Information

We are generally available 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


Phone Number: 864-294-3505