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Eugenia Helen Ligon Papers, undated

Contents List

Folder. Tyra’s Saga, Book One manuscript

Folder. Tyra’s Saga, Book Two manuscript

Folder. Tyra’s Saga. Book Three manuscript

Folder 1 of 2. Tyra’s Saga manuscript

Folder 2 of 2. Tyra’s Saga manuscript

Folder. Tyra’s Saga manuscript, first draft

Folder. Tyra’s Saga manuscript with handwritten notes

9 envelopes – research index cards, arranged first alphabetically by name then chronologically by events in England and other European countries (55 BC to 1154 AD)

Folder 1 of 2. “England: Pre-history through Edgar” chronicles

Folder 2 of 2. “England: Pre-history through Edgar” chronicles

Folder. Genealogy reference – The Plantagenet Ancestry

Folder. L. Larson, Gorm, Thyra, Harald BT, Sweyn Forkbeard, Cnut, etc. research

Notes on Anglo-Normandy, Germany, Slavs, Tyra, Scandinavia, England Anglo-Saxon, France, Flanders series

Folder 1 of 5. Loose material, “The Kings and Queens of Great Britain: A Genealogical Chart”

Folder 2 of 5. Loose material, “Burke’s Dormant and Extinct Peerage,” “England After 1100”

Folder 3 of 5. “Aquitaine,” “Anjou,” “Charlemagne and descendants”

Folder 4 of 5. Loose material, “The Kings and Queen of Britain” booklet

Folder 5 of 5. Loose material

Folder. Medieval Britain monastery and convent research

Research series

Folder 1 of 4. Ancient Medicine: Selected Papers of Ludwig Edelstein notes

Folder 2 of 4. Anglo-Saxon medicine, other medical scholars and schools

Folder 3 of 4. Anglo-Saxon mills, female property and apparel, slavery

Folder 4 of 4. Weaving