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Talmage Gerrald Family Papers, 1916-1939

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Contents List

Box 1

Folder 1. Contains two pieces of correspondence from 1916 to Talmage Gerrald’s mother.

Folder 2. Contains 14 pieces of correspondence dated 1917 from Talmage Gerrald to his mother and sister, Lyda.

Folder 3. Contains 19 pieces of correspondence dated 1918. These pieces are either from Talmage Gerrald to his mother or official notices or letters of condolence to Mrs. Gerrald and her family concerning Talmage’s death.

Folder 4. Contains 2 pieces of official correspondence dated 1919 to 1939 to Mrs. Mattie Gerrald from the Treasury Department and the Veterans Administration.

Folder 5. Contains 4 pieces of correspondence with unknown dates. Two are from Talmage Gerrald to his mother, one is a letter of condolence to Mrs. Gerrald, and one is concerning a Memorial Card that Mrs. Gerrald could purchase from the American Memorial Company.

Folder 6. Contains 4 pieces from the Red Cross and the Victory Wreath Company that relate to Talmage Gerrald’s death and grave. A picture of his grave and the cross at his gravesite is included in this folder.

Folder 7. Contains 9 miscellaneous pieces relating to Talmage Gerrald, including five postcards, several pieces of lace and silk and other writings.

Folder 8. Contains 8 pages of documents and permission slips relating to the enlistment of Charles Cortez Gerrald (brother) into the Navy in 1926.

Folder 9. Contains 3 items that relate to Lyda Gerrald (sister) and her work with the YWCA. A picture of Lyda Gerrald, an advertisement, and a newspaper clipping are included in this folder.

Folder 10. Contains 10 envelopes that are without letters

Box 2

Contains four certificates in memory of Talmage Gerrald for his service and death during WWI in France.