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Small Manuscripts Collection, 1819-2014

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Contents List

Box 1

  • Thomas Baldwin D.D., Boston, letter to Rev. Luther Rice [transcription], 22 Nov 1819
  • Deed of 116 acres of land, Lincoln County NC, October 1829, to “York, a molatto man, fread by the last will and testament of John Boyd, senior, deceased.” Acc. 2016-046.
  • John Miles, A.L.S., June 16, 1830, Charleston, to Malachi Ford, Ordinary for Colleton District, Walterboro. With 1 page manuscript ledger for 1822.
  • Fanny Wilson Johnson, Greenfield [near Chillicothe, Ohio?], A.L.S. to Eliza W. Pitkin, her sister, Dresde, Ohio, March 1, 1832. Mentions cases of influenza and friend teaching in Female Academy in Greenville.
  • Robert [B.] Gilchrist (S.C. District Attorney 1831-1839), A.L.S., Charleston, February 11, 1833 to J.J. Townsend, Railway Supply Contractors, New York. Mentions nullification, tariff, harbor, forts, and number of soldiers.
  • O.G. Robinson, clerk, A.L.S., December 3, 1838, second letter of citation to Sister E. S. Parker regarding church discipline.
  • C. McCormick, A.L.S., Berryville, Jan. 9, 1844 to Joseph Weaver (Warrenton, VA), and second letter to Weaver, March 1, 1844 regarding recovery of slaves, wrongfully taken.
  • Subscribers’ debt collection form letter from The Emancipator offices, Boston (Leavitt & Alden), 1846. Acc. 2016-105
  • Deed, sale of slaves, John D. M’Cullough to Samuel W. Evans, Darlington County, January 2, 1847. Acc. 2010-006.
  • W. M. Ramsey, A.L.S., Culpepper Court House, VA, August 1, 1861, to Hugh regarding the death of Tom Joseph Weaver (Warrenton, VA).
  • Greenville Ladies Aid Society, solicitation, Caroline Gilman and Mrs. P. Pierce, July 8, [1863?]
  • Jackson, A.L.S. to John Howard Furman, James Island, August 26, 1863. [Jackson was an enslaved man requisitioned by the CSA to build defenses in coastal South Carolina during the war. This letter was dictated by Jackson and written by a Confederate soldier named H. Mobley. Acc. 2018-072.
  • Jackson, A.L.S. to John Howard Furman, James Island, October 24, 1864. Acc. 2018-071.
  • Harriet [Harriette] Mathila Grady, diary transcription photocopies, Greenville, S.C., January 4, 1865 to April 19, 1865. Married Maj. John Ferguson (1865) [had attended Furman University 1859].
  • John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892), holograph poem “Not by the page word painted” on the reverse side of an engraved portrait, dated June 11, 1879.
  • Rev. Thomas Orkney Tongue (1838-1900), autograph biography of his early life, ca. 1890. Acc. 2008-084. [Tongue was an ancestor of Robert Tucker’s first wife, Mary Kent Seagle].
  • Varina Howell Davis, A.L.S. on mourning stationery to Col. L. S. Brown, Washington, D.C., November 17, 1890. Acc. 0000-035.
  • Note on the death of Isaiah Grandison Baker (ca.1835-1893).
  • Admiral George Dewey, A.L.S. to Mr. Hyde, March 22, 1898. Together with the engraved menu to a dinner for Dewey at the Metropolitain Club, Washington, D.C., November 27, 1897.
  • Z. T. Cody, pastor of First Baptist Church, Greenville, A.L.S. to Dawson, October 1, 1904. Acc. 2005-016
  • Z. T. Cody, The Baptist Courier Co., T.L.S. to Dr. R. W. Sanders, Greenville, June 10, 1915.  Response regarding previous article submissions [possibly letter to the editor], 1915; handwritten letter to Prof. J. M. Harris from Sanders “The Keys of the Kingdom.” Acc. 2004-045.
  • Charlotte Easton [Assistant Professor of Biology, GWC 1928-1932, and Furman, 1933-1944], T.L.S. to her mother, April 27, 1918, 5 pages, from Paris, reporting on the war. Acc. 2012-026.
  • William E. Bomar, “A Short History of 323rd Ambulance Company in WWI” typescript photocopy, 1963. Acc. 2017-029.  
  • Bonnie Bett Smith Adams (daughter of Daniel Townsend Smith (1842-1929, “The Saga of Augusta Road,” manuscript photocopy, 1975.
  • J. H. Mitchell, letters to Mary Wilder Colson, 1958-1960. Typescript biographical sketches of Mary Wilder Colson and Rev. Howard Paul Colson by their daughter, Rosemary Colson. Acc. 2014-024. [See also: Map Case 2, Drawer 5, Folder 3- Pee Dee Academy Diploma; William James Wilder, Acc. #2013-055].
  • Genealogical research of Francis Chandler Furman, 2014. RESTRICTED Access until 2024.  Acc. 2014-068.

Box 2 Oversize

  • Susan E. M. Scott Green letter from Fredricksburg to husband, March 19, 1842
  • 1868 Contested Election Case of Wallace vs. Simpson (Reconstruction election violence/ intimidation) [see South Caroliniana Vertical file for additional information on this case]
  • “Beautiful Extract from a temperance address,” ca. 19th c