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Rev. Richard Ward Burts Papers, 1892-1920

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Contents List


  1.  Account book, The Bank of Anderson, Rev. R.W. Burts, 1894-1903
  2.  Notebooks, notepads of Richard Burts:
    - Notes and scripture study, undated
    - Notepad, “No.2 Memorandum,” 1892
    - Scripture studies/sermons, handwritten, 1893
    - Scripture studies/sermons, handwritten, undated [note from 1913 indicating contents]
    - Scripture studies, “Memorandum,” 1896
    - Scripture study, “No. 4” notepad, undated
    - Scripture study, undated
    - Sermon subjects and thoughts from sermons preached by Rev. R. Graves, 1875
  3.  Pastor’s Companion for Weddings and Funerals, by Robert G. Seymour, D.D., 1903 (with inscription 1909, and handwritten personal notes by R.W. Burts)
  4.  Pastor's Hand-Book: Comprising Selections of Scripture, Arranged for Various Occasions of Official Duty, Together with Select Formulas for Marriage, Etc. and Rules of Order for Churches, Ecclesiastical, and Other Assemblies, by W.W. Everts, 1846. With handwritten notes, black fabric hand sown cover.
  5.  Typescript, Richard Ward Burts : An Autobiography, 1833-1920, undated