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The Rotary Book Club (Greenville, S.C.) Records, 1910-2019

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Organizational History

The Rotary Book Club (Greenville, S.C.) was first established in October 1901. Founding members included Mrs. Stanley Crittendon, Mrs. Annie Cruikshank, Mrs. James M. Ferguson, Mrs. Hoyt Fripp, Mrs. Robert L. Graham, Mrs. Oscar Hodges, Miss Nell Miller, Mrs. Ed Norcum, Mrs. John Russell, Mrs. J. E. Sirrine, Mrs. Charles Speights, and Mrs. H.K. Sturdivant. The Rotary Book Club was federated in April 1908. 

Twenty active female members are allowed at a time, and its purpose is “the mutual improvement of its members through the study of current events, literature and topics of general interest.”  The members have taken an active stance on issues such as the right of women to vote and education, and spent time and money at local as well as national charities.   The members meet on the second Friday of the month from October to May, where they present papers on literary, historical, social, political, and other topics.  They also contribute to a common pool of books that is shared amongst the members to broaden their knowledge on a variety of subjects.