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Rev. John R. Jester Papers, 1898-1963

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Contents List

Box 1:

Folder 1. Church bulletins, 1927-1963; churches in Ga., N.C., S.C.

Folder 2. Memorial to Jester’s father, Dr. Milton M. Jester, “In Memoriam,” from November 8, 1888 [signed by J.R. Jester], typescript copy.

Folder 3. Newsletter, The Builder, First Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N.C., September 12, 1925 and November 14, 1925.

Folder 4. Programs

  •  First Baptist Church, Kershaw, S.C., 1952
  •  First Baptist Church, Aiken, S.C., 1958
  •  Funeral of Rev. H.A. Brown, D.D. 1846-1929, First Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N.C.

Unpublished material

Folder 5. Typescript, “Agreement about Immersion” by Rev. J.R. Jester, D.D., undated

Folder 6. Typescript and draft, “My Conversion” by Rev. John R. Jester, D.D., undated

Folder 7. Typescript, “The Work of the Board of Education in Georgia,” undated

Published material

Folder 8. Pamphlet, “Christianity of the College” by Dr. J.R. Jester, D.D, undated; manuscript draft included.

Folder 9. Pamphlets by Jester

  • Immortality of Service
  • The Budget in the Local Church
  • Georgia for Christ
  • Education and Missions
  • Georgia Baptist Education Commission and its Work

Folder 10.  “Why Denominational Education?” by. Dr. J.R. Jester, given at Meredith College on Founders Day, February 1, 1923, Meredith College Quarterly Bulletin 1992-1923, p. 3-25

Folder 11. Newspaper clippings [photocopies]

  • “Chasing Lizards or Winning Souls,” by Dr. J.R. Jester, The Baptist Courier, May 6, 19??, p. 6
  • “Hidden Drama Found in Baptist Crusade . . . ‘Prepare to Meet Thy God’ is [Jester]  Sermon Text,” The State, undated, unknown page
  • “In Appreciation of Dr. Welsh,” address by Dr. Jester, Berthea Baptist Home Builder, Nov-Jan ?, p. 4
  • “Lessons from a great life,” by Dr. J.R. Jester, Baptist Standard, December 3, 1914, p. 11-12.
  • “A Thanksgiving Message” by Dr. Jester, The Greenwood Daily Journal, November 28, 1918, p. 6
  • “Reflex Benefits of the Campaign” by J.R. Jester, Field Secretary, The Religious Herald, November 1, 1919, unknown page number
  • “Report on Baptist 75-Million Drive” by Chairman J.R. Jester, The Index-Journal, Greenwood, page 2 [1919]
  • “Large Congregation at First Baptist Service,” sermon by Dr. Jester, The Winston-Salem Journal, November 30, 1922, p. 8
  • “Keeping the Record Straight,” by [committee with] J.R. Jester, Biblical Recorder, April 9, 1930, unknown page.
  • “The Supreme Objective” by John R. Jester, Friends Messenger, June 1930, p. 4
  • “Reality in Christ,” by Dr. J. R. Jester, Biblical Recorder, November 26, 1930, p. 4
  • “The Preacher’s relation to North Carolina’s present moral crisis” by Dr. J.R. Jester, Biblical Recorder, November 29, 1933, unknown page.
  • “Beyond Conventional Standards,” by Dr. John R. Jester, The Baptist Courier, November 18, 1937, unknown page
  • “Recovering Lost Notes in Preaching,” by Dr. J.R. Jester, The Baptist Courier, March 23, 1939, unknown page
  • “Unmasking Sin’s Blackness,” by John R. Jester (Winchester, Ky.), Western Recorder, September 25, 1941, p. 1
  • “The New and the Old,” by John R. Jester (Winchester, Ky.), Western Recorder, June 6, 1946, p. 11

Box 2: Scrapbooks

  1. Biography and writings
  2. 1898-1937 [no covers]
  3. 1918-1939 [no covers]
  4. 1939-1943