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Poteat Family Papers, 1891-2006; bulk 1930-1960

Contents List

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Series 1, Correspondence, 1891- 1986 and undated

Series 2, Published and unpublished material

Subseries 1, Edwin McNeill Poteat

Published Articles

Published Leaflets

Unpublished manuscripts

Subseries 2, Gordon Poteat



Series 3, Gordon Poteat

Subseries 1, Lectures & Essays by Gordon Poteat

Subseries 2, Sermon Journals and Notebooks

Subseries 3, Record Books, Notebooks

Subseries 4, Church Bulletins, Reports

Church Bulletins

Pastor’s Message from Church Bulletins

Church Reports

Series 4, Reference Subject Material

Subseries 1, Published

Subseries 2, Subject Essays (by others)

Subseries 3, Subject Files

Subseries 4, Reference Publications

Series 5, Miscellanea