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Aerial Photos

  1. Bad Mergentheim April, 1945
  2. Heidenheim Town Plan April 1945
  3. Grosshau, Kleinhau, Bogheim, Strass, Gey
  4. 106G.2700.9.SEP.44.F136”11542SQDN (two pieces)
  5. (US 33/085/667)12.OCT.44.(F/24)//67T/RGP.1015

Battle Maps

  1. Numbered Map of Western Germany 1944 (used with map group A)
  2. Western Germany Hinterweiler  1:25,000 1944 (used with map group A)
  3. Western Germany Stadtkyll 1:25,000 (used with map group A)
  4. Germany 1:100,000 Augsburg Sheet W-5 (used with map group B)
  5. Germany 1:100,000 ULM Sheet W-4 (used with map group B)
  6. Germany 1:100,000 Weilheim Sheet X-5 (used with map group B)
  7. Konigsbronn (enlarged corner of Sheet W-4 of group B)
  8. Central Europe 1:100,000 Kaiserslautern Sheet U-2 (used with map group C)
  9. Forst, Konicl, Kleinhau, Großhau (map group C)
  10. Germany 1:100,000 Mannheim Sheet U-3 (used with map group C)
  11. Germany Wallendorf Second Edition 1:25,000 1944 (on the Luxembourg German Border, map group C)
  12. South Central Germany Aalen 1:25,000 (enlarged corner of map group C)
  13. Southern Germany Munich (used with map group C)
  14. Western Germany Dollendorf 1:25,000 (about 15 miles west of Koblenz, map group C)
  15. Western Germany Lendersdorf 1:25,000 (east of the Hurtgen Forest abutting the Rur River, map group C)

Strip Map

  1. Route to Worms, Germany, March 9, 1945