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Collection on John T. Anderson, M.D., circa 1900s – 2012

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The collection is arranged by format.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of correspondence, a diary, loose photographs, photograph albums, poetry, textiles, newspaper clippings and articles about Anderson’s death, photographs and an article about the memorial to Anderson at the Woodruff First Baptist Church, a memoir by Minnie (Middleton) [Anderson] Hussey, and a memoir of Gordon Middleton (Minnie’s brother). A signed copy of Poteat’s book about Anderson is also included.

The correspondence includes the Dean at University of Louisville regarding the completion of his medical degree and photocopies of family correspondence. The Missionaries’ Anglo-Chinese Diary 1918 was used by Anderson to record birthdays, meetings, dinner engagements, chapel duties, diagnoses and hospital duties, and bills to private patients.

The larger photograph album (1916-1923) chronicles the education of Anderson through medical school, his marriage, and on the last page, they embark on their missionary career in Yang Chow China 1916. The first page was from 1912 in North Carolina and possibly South Carolina, and the following four pages are in China (most photos have writing on the reverse). John Anderson (JTA) does not appear in later photos since after his death in November 1918, his wife and son moved to the Language School in Peking [later Beijing].

The three smaller photograph albums include one with the majority of photos of Minnie Anderson in China; one focused on John Todd Anderson [Jr.], 1917-1929; and one that starts with Minnie Middleton’s college graduation, and ends in China 1917-1918.