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Henry Bacon McKoy Scrapbook Collection

Contents List

Book 1: “Records, Facts, Clippings, History,” (items date 1916-1960)

Book 2: “Greenville, SC. Records, Facts, Clippings, History, Pictures,” (dates covered 1806 -1970)

Book 3: Clippings from the Tricentennial edition of the Greenville News, October 26, 1970 (dates covered 1785-1970)

Book 4: Clippings from the Greenville News, June 26, 1962 (dates covered 1768-1963)

Book 5: Clippings from the 100th Anniversary Edition of the Greenville News, February 26, 1974 (dates covered 1797-1920)

Book 6: "Greenville, SC." Clippings from the Greenville News, maps, brochures, correspondence, photographs (items date 1907-1975)

Book 7: "Greenville, SC." Clippings from the Greenville News, '46-'79; (dates covered 1824-1979)

Book 8: "Greenville, SC." Clippings from the Greenville News, '57, '70, '76, '78-'79 primarily covering historical buildings. Transcript of Henry B. McKoy diary, June 2 - July 7, 1919.

Book 9: “Greenville County Historical Society.” Correspondence, meeting notices, newspaper clippings, membership lists, newsletters (dates covered 1961-1978). Includes “Register of Historical Records in the Greenville, SC Area” compiled by the Greenville Historical Records Committee, October 15, 1961.