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“The Mountain: Clan Goldsmith Reunion, celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary of Thomas and Helen Goldsmith,” unpublished manuscript

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Biographical Sketch

Helen Wilcox was born November 16, 1910 to Judson M. and Elizabeth Cohoe Wilcox in Roy, Washington. Helen graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in Public School music.  

Dr. Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. grew up in Greenville and graduated from Furman in 1931 with a B.S. in Physics. After earning his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1936, he became director of research for Allen B. DuMont Laboratories in New Jersey, and (after 1953) vice president; he chaired the Synchronization Panel of the National Television System Committee and also the Radio Manufacturers Association Committee on Cathode-Ray Tubes. He also became the chief engineer for the DuMont Television Network; television station WTTG, formerly in the DuMont network, is named for his initials. In 1966 he left DuMont to become a professor of physics at Furman,[1] and he retired to become an emeritus professor in 1975.[6]  

Helen and Thomas married in 1938 in Tacoma, Wash. After raising a family in Montclair, N.J., they lived in Travelers Rest while Thomas taught physics at Furman from 1966 to 1976.  They retired to Lacey, WA.  

Thomas passed away March 5, 2009, and Helen passed away on June 7, 2011.