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Gallivan Construction Company Records, 1926-1943

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Organizational History

James F. Gallivan (1863-1936) founded Gallivan Building Company in Greenville, S.C. in 1904. A few of the buildings in and around Greenville built by the company, include The Monaghan Cotton Mills, the Simpsonville Cotton Mills, the Victor Cotton Mills, the Greer Manufacturing Company, Westervelt Mills Arcadia Cotton Mills and the Southern Bleachery; constructing Manly Athletic Field and reconstructing the James C. Furman Hall of Science, and constructing the buildings at Camp Sevier.

After Gallivan’s death in 1936, his son, Harold F. Gallivan (1897-1937), took over running the company, and the name changed to Gallivan Construction Company. Harold F. Gallivan died in 1937.