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Raymond and Irma Gale World Travel Collection, circa 1948-1992


This collection is divided into five series by format. Each series is organized chronologically if possible.

The slides were housed in carousels or slide boxes and were transferred to protective sleeve sheets. The original order was maintained if possible and any description on the slides was recorded if provided. Where there is only a processed date on the slide, that date is indicated by brackets in the description. The processors added a sequential number [in pencil] on the back of each slide for each container.

Series 1, Personal files

Series 2, Travel Files

Series 3, Slides

Series 4, Film

Series 5, Cassettes

Scope and Contents

The Raymond and Irma Gale World Travel Collection documents the many trips made by the Gales through slides, film, travel files, tape cassettes and newspaper clippings. Dr. Irma Gale’s career is documented in correspondence, papers and her writings.

Of importance are the slides and film from the 1979 study tour of China that depicts rural China at the end of the Cultural Revolution. The script, “China Connections: Adventures behind the bamboo curtain,” by Irma F. Gale in 1980 describes the Gales’ 1979 trip where they spent five weeks traveling through China, into remote Inner Mongolia and the Gobi Desert.

The film reels include regular 8mm - 3 in. reels; regular 8mm – 6 in. reels; and Super 8mm – 3 in. reels, and correspond with many of the trips taken.