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John H. Bonser Collection of British Legal Documents, 1845-1906

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Contents List

  1. Mortgage, Hockwell Villas in the county of Surrey, Nath. Saunders Esq. to The London Building  Society, December 13, 1845
  2. Mortgage of a messuage [A dwelling house with outbuildings and land assigned to its use] or tenement and premises No. 5 Hockwell Villas in the county of Surrey, Nathaniel Saunders Esq. to The Fourth London Building Society, May 5, 1856
  3. Assignment, Nathaniel Saunders Esq. to Charles Collier Esq. MD, June 16, 1859
  4. Assignment, Samuel Nicholson Esq. to William Hanson Dodwell Esq., June 11, 1870
  5. Indenture, The Trustees of the Oxford Permanent Benefit Building Society and Mr. Thomas Hayes Evans to Mr. Joseph Roberts, conveyance of land messuages or dwelling houses situate in Towson Street Everton in the county of Lancaster, October 20, 1874
  6. Mortgage, Mr. Joseph Roberts to Mr. Richard Howarth, October 21, 1874
  7. Mortgage, Mr. C.H. Head to Miss M.L. Stone, August 1, 1884
  8. Counterpart Lease, Mr. Robert C. Nisbett to Mrs. M.A. Goodman, September 10, 1885
  9. Farther Charge, Miss M.A. Williams to John Collins Esq.,  August 25, 1890
  10. Assignment, Mr. George Wray and his mortgagees to Mr. James Stafford, January 28, 1892
  11. Mortgage, Mrs. A.F. Haddrell formerly Miss A.F. Bullock to Miss Elizabeth Wigley, September 12, 1892
  12. Mortgage, Mr. Frederick Martin and another to Mr. Stephen T. Clissold and another, January 11, 1894
  13. Counterpart Lease, Mrs. M.E. Whiter to Mr. J.E. Whiter, May 21, 1906
  14. Lease, Mrs. M.E. Whiter to Mr. J.E. Whiter, May 21, 1906