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Andrew Philip Montague, President 1897-1902: Overview


  • Born 27 September 1854, Essex County, Virginia
  • Graduated University of Virginia, 1875.
  • Latin instructor at Columbian (which is now George Washington University, in Washington, D.C.).
  • Professor of Latin at Columbian in 1879; dean in 1895.
  • Obtained Ph.D. from Columbian in 1888; first Furman president with a Ph.D.
  • Received an LL.D. degree from Richmond College in 1896.
  • President of Furman University, S.C., 1897 to 1902, first lay person to be president.
  • President of Howard College, Birmingham, Ala. in 1902.
  • President of Columbia College, Lake City, Fla., 1912.
  • Professor of Latin and public speaking at Mercer University, Ga., in 1919; dean in 1923; VP in 1924; acting president in 1927-1928.
  • Died on 3 December 1928 (aged 74) Panama City, Bay County, Florida 

Montague Village

Montague Village was built as married student housing in 1958. It was named for Andrew Philip Montague, Furman's third president. Due to a shortage of housing for single students, no more married students were allowed to live in Montague Village beginning the fall of 1961. Montague  Village served as university housing until 2001 when it went under a renovation and was renamed Montague Administrative Complex. Currently, Human Resources, University Communications and the IT departments are located in this complex.