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13/012 Furman Hall Renovation: Humanities Faculty Initiative Papers, 1999-2004

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Scope and Contents

This collection includes Crowe’s 2003 statement and its seven appendices as well as documents collected by Duncan McArthur providing additional detail and corroboration of Crowe’s statement. It also includes documentation of the responses to the Humanities Faculty Initiative by President Shi, Dean Huff, and Trustee Chair-Elect Leighan Rinker. Among the types of materials included are a timeline, summaries, correspondence, memoranda, reports, and architectural floor plans.

The collection provides information on Furman’s faculty, administration, and trustees from 1999-2004, especially President David Shi, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean A. V. Huff, Vice President for Business Affairs Wendy Libby, Capital Construction Manager Mary Pat Crozier, Trustee Chair-Elect Leighan Rinker, English Department Chair Stanley Crowe, Duncan McArthur, and the Humanities Faculty. It documents faculty-administration relationships, faculty-trustee relationships, and faculty morale during David Shi’s presidency.