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*Modern Languages: German

Selected German Reference Resources

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PF3001-5999 German
PF3801-3991 Old High German
PF3992-4010 Old Saxon
PF4043-4350 Middle High German
PF4501-4596 Early Modern German
PF5000-5951 Dialects. Provincialism, etc.
PF5971-5999 Slang. Argot, etc.
PT1-4897 German literature
PT1-80 Literary history and criticism
PT83-873 History of German literature
PT175-230 Medieval
PT236-405 Modern
PT500-597 Poetry
PT605-709 Drama
PT711-871 Prose
PT881-951 Folk literature
PT923-937 Faust legend
PT1100-1479 Collections
PT1151-1241 Poetry
PT1251-1299 Drama
PT1301-1360 Prose
PT1371-1374 Early to 1950. Old and Middle High German
PT1375-1479 Middle High German
PT1501-2688 Individual authors or works
PT1501-1695 Middle High German, ca. 1050-1450/1500
PT1701-1797 1500-ca. 1700
PT1799-2592 1700-ca. 1860/70
PT1891-2239 Goethe
PT1891-2017 Works
PT2026-2039 Translations
PT2044-2239 Biography and criticism
PT2600-2653 1860/70-1960
PT2660-2688 1961-2000
PT2700-2728 2001-
PT3701-3971 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.
PT3701-3746 East Germany
PT4801-4897 Low German literature