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UA 07/006 Faculty Curriculum Committee

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Scope and Contents

The initial responsibilities of the Academic Program Committee included determining requirements for the following aspects of Furman’s Academic Program: Academic Calendar; Graduation; General Education; Interdisciplinary Courses; Major Field; R.O.T.C.; and Elective Study. 

In the fall of 1975, the Academic Program Committee was replaced by two committees: the Academic Policies Committee and the Curriculum Committee. One faculty member was to be appointed to serve on both committees, to facilitate coordination of work. In 1975-1976 Duncan McArthur, English Department, was appointed to both committees and in the role of secretary on the Curriculum Committee. Edgar McKnight, who had previously served as chairman of the Academic Program Committee, became the chairman of the Curriculum Committee. 

The file “Curriculum Committee: Minutes 1975-1976,” donated by Dr. McArthur, is a complete collection of the committee’s official meeting minutes with the exception of two meetings held on October 30, 1975, and May 13, 1976; manuscript rough drafts are included for those two meetings. The policy of the Curriculum Committee is to assess course revision, addition, and deletion proposals in relation to the university’s curricular goals. 


Chronologically and topically.