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Citing Your Sources: 5. Creating Bibliographies

Bibliographies for Papers

While these steps are a quick and easy way to generate a bibliography from your RefWorks library in your browser, there are even more effective ways to use RefWorks add-ins for use in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word Online, and Google Docs to create in-text citations and bibliographies when writing papers. See information on RefWorks Citation Manager for Microsoft Word or Microsoft 365 Word Online, and RefWorks Citation Manger in Google Docs for more details.

Updating CSE to Full End Pages in RefWorks

If you are using RefWorks to format papers in CSE 8th Name-Year Sequence (the preferred style of the Furman Biology Department), you will need to update the CSE style in RefWorks in include full end pages for journal articles. You can use the Institution Style "Full End Page for CSE 8th, Name-Year" or make your own version of the style.

Updated CSE style at bottom of list when searching cse in style options

Step-by-step instructions to updating CSE in your own style are available in the document linked below:

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Creating a Bibliography

You can create a bibliography from selected references in the All Documents menu, any folder, a selection of sources from a folder or from your search results list. Creating a bibliography in the RefWorks browser interface will allow you to copy and paste a bibliography into a paper.

You can choose to create a bibliography for selected references or for all of the reference in the collection (or in All Documents if that's the view you are in). Select "Create Bibliography" as denoted by the end quotation mark  icon.

Next, search for your output style and select it. Recently used styles (up to 10) are temporarily stored under "Recent Styles." Styles that you have edited and created your own versions for can be found under "Mine." Institutional styles at Furman University such as the CSE style for the Furman Biology Department can be found under "Institutional styles." The number of styles available in these drop-down menus are indicated in the parenthesis (#).


Your formatted bibliography will be displayed in your browser for you to copy and paste into any word processing software. You can also select the "Copy to Clipboard" button to copy the formatting.


ALWAYS DOUBLE-CHECK THE FORMATTING OF YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY. If something appears wrong, you will have to edit the metadata of the individual source and re-run the "create bibliography" option. If you use this browser option to create a bibliography, you can also edit the bibliography manually in your word processor.