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Databases by Content: Computer/Laptop Instructions

Using Furman eBooks on a Desktop or Laptop

For PASCAL, SpringerLink, Duke, and EEBO, follow steps 2-3.
For EBL, start with Step 1.
1. Download Adobe Digital Editions. This is free software that runs on your desktop or laptop (OSX, Windows or Linux).
2. In a browser, search for an eBook in the Furman library catalog.
3. Click on the link provided under “Available Online.”
4. For some publishers, the browsing period will expire after several minutes. If you would like to continue using the book, you should be able to create a loan by clicking Yes on the window that will pop up.  Once you have “created a loan,” it will remain open in the browser for up to 24 hours, when the loan will automatically expire. 
5. If you would like to refer to a book more than once, or if you need functionality such as printing, you will need to create an account and download the title for EBL titles.
6. Click on download to expand the download menu.
7. Choose loan length (1 or 7 days in most cases) you wish to “check out” the book. Either PDF or ePUB will work, but some eBooks allow you to choose a preferred format.
8. Click on download.  The eBook should open in Adobe Digital Editions.  You will be prompted to either log in to Adobe or to authorize your computer to download the eBook.   You may create an account for free on
9. After the eBook has expired, Adobe Digital Editions will not let you access the book.  You may download it again from the catalog.



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