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The Duke Endowment Libraries Cohort: Duke University

Duke University: Project at a Glance

The Duke University Archives is developing multiple resources including onsite exhibits, listening sessions with students, and digital maps to investigate the institution involvement with slavery and 19th century racialized labor practices. Our aim is to foster reckoning, conversation, and space for imagining how the University might move forward with its commitment to anti-racism (DEI) given its troubled past.

TDEL Representatives

Naomi Etsehiywot, Graduate Research Assistant

Valerie Gillispie, Duke University Archivist

Rethinking Community, Investigating Ties to Slavery

Rethinking Community, Investigating Ties to Slavery

At the Duke University Archives we are embarking on a deep dive into the early stakeholders of the institution now known as Duke University, to make clear some of the ways the institution benefitted from enslaved labor and inequitable labor practices. We are developing tools and physical sites including spaces for conversation, digital humanities modules, and public history installations for engaging the wider community in this research and questioning.

Plans for Year Two

Coming soon

Work Products

Spreadsheet of Stakeholders and Ties to Slavery
Site-specific installations & exhibits


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