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Manuscripts on Microfilm

The following microfilm reels are available to view in our department.

  1. Address from Charleston Association Calling for Organization of State Convention 1820; Furman, Richard; Roberts, John; Cook, J.B. 
  2. Allen, Carlton Ellis; A Program of Sex Education for Adolescents of the First Baptist Church of Greenwood, South Carolina 
  3. American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, Missionary Account of the Fiftieth Anniversary 
  4. Annual Register of the Baptist Denomination in North America 1792-1796
  5. Backus, Isaac - Daybooks, Journals, etc. Diaries - 1700s 
  6. Baptist College at Charleston, SC - Records 1950-1964 - records of Chester Floyd Russell (Restricted)
  7. Baptist General Convention for Missionary purposes – Proceedings of Triennial Convention 1814-1846
  8. Benson Store, Travelers Rest, SC, Greenville Co., SC, Financial Records 1891-1893 (2 reels)
  9. Bobo, Ray, etc., Genealogy, 1792-1947
  10. The Bowen Papers 1846-1860, compiled and arranged by Rev. and Mrs. Cecil Roberson (2 copies)
  11. Boyce, Ker, Will and Inventory (no date)
  12. Brown, Clinton Capers – Newspaper Clippings, 1876-1905
  13. Bussey, George W., Journal of … 1861-1919
  14. Care and Cataloging of Manuscripts, Minnesota Historical Society 
  15. Chanler, Isaac – Diary, c. 1898
  16. Coleman, Cornelius Cunningham – Sermon Tests 1925-1952, Marriages performed and funerals conducted, 1925-1944
  17. Devotie, James H., Journals, Diaries, 1855-1891
  18. Eggleston Plantation Diary, 1830. From the Eggleston-Roach Papers 1825-1903 at Department of Archives, Louisana State University.
  19. Furman, Richard, Correspondence, 1777-1825
  20. Furman Family Correspondence, 1812-1853
  21. Furman, Richard as a leader in Baptist higher education, by Howard M. Kinlaw, 1960
  22. Greenville Literary Club, Greenville, SC, January 1871 – December 1874 (2 copies)
  23. Gano, John, 1727-1804, Biographical memoirs of the late Rev. John Gano, of Frankfort (Kentucky) : formerly of the city of New York, written principally by himself, 1806 
  24. Gardner, George William, Reminiscences, 1851-1926
  25. Genealogical information on families connected with Fairforest Baptist Church, Union, SC, Avery – Wilburn (2 copies)
  26. Giant in the Land, original typescript, a biography of William B. Johnson by Hortense Woodson (no date)
  27. Hart, Oliver, Diary fragment, Aug. 4, 1754 – Oct. 27, 1754
  28. Hawkins, B.F., Papers, 1982-1983
  29. Herring, Nan Trammell and James A., Letters, 1929-1964
  30. Kent, Josiah Coleman, Northborough History, Northborough, Mass. (no date) 
  31. King, Joe Madison; John Tyler Christian, Study of his Life and Works
  32. Lovell, Samuel George, Jr., Papers, 1941-1966
  33. Lovell, Samuel George, Jr., Papers 1966-1967, 1988
  34. Jones, George Alexander; Richard Fuller and his Preaching (no date)
  35. Journal of the South Carolina Baptist Historical Society, Vols. 1-14, November 1975-1988
  36. Lewis McCormick Sermons, 1962-1973 (positive)
  37. Lewis McCormick Sermons, 1962-1973 (negative)
  38. Lindsay, W.C. to John Stout, Correspondence, 1870-1877
  39. Manly, Basil, Papers, 1842-1891
  40. Many Family Correspondence (2 reels)
  41. Manly, Basil, Jr., Biography by Joseph Powhatan Cox
  42. Manly, Basil, Jr., Speeches, Sermons, Notes, 1825-1892
  43. Manly, Basil, Jr., Sunday School Board Papers, 1863-1864
  44. Manly, Basil, Jr., Papers, 1840-1892
  45. Manly, Basil, Jr., Sermons and Papers, 1826-1868
  46. Manly Family Collections of Manuscripts, Folder 1-171
  47. Manly Family Collections of Manuscripts, Folder 171-384
  48. Manly Family Collections of Manuscripts, Folder 385-682
  49. Manly Family Collections of Manuscripts, Folder 683-748
  50. Manly Family Collections of Manuscripts, Folder 749-813; Diaries of Basil Manly, Vols. 1 & 2
  51. Diaries of Basil Manly, Vols. 3-6; Records of Basil Manly Concerning University of Ala., 1838-1855; Church Records, Memorabilia, Diaries, and Account Books of Charles Manly, 1853-1856-1869
  52. Diaries and Record Books of Charles Manly, 1869-1879, 1880-1890
  53. Diaries and Record Books of Charles Manly, 1891-1900, 1912-1916
  54. Materials Towards a History of the Baptists in the providences of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia by Morgan Edwards (2 reels) 
  55. Mauldin, Belton Oscar, Journal, 1860 (2 copies)
  56. Minutes of the Board of Foreign Missions of the General Missionary Convention beginning May 18, 1814, ending April 19, 1820: [and] Records of the Foreign missions managers of the Baptist General Convention, September 24, 1845
  57. Morton, James, Jr. The Ecclesiology of William B. Johnson and his leadership in shaping the Southern Baptist Convention
  58. Newman, Albert Henry, Historian and Theologian 
  59. Orangeburg Historical Society, Miscellaneous Materials
  60. Proceedings of the triennial meetings of the Baptist general convention, 1814-1846: and annual report of the board of managers, 1814-1846. Baptist General Convention for Foreign Missions (U.S.) 
  61. The Diary of Evan Pugh, 1762-1801
  62. Reynolds. J. Alvin; “Richard Furman, A Study of His Life and Work,” 1962
  63. Rivers, Robert Hayne; The Early Life, Ministry, and Denominational Contributions of Basil Manly, Sr. (2 copies)
  64. Robertson, Tolaver; An Account of Marriages Solemnized, Since Oct., 1842
  65. Ryland, A Study in Ecumenical Isolation: The Southern Baptist Convention
  66. Sacred Harp Hymn Book, 1847
  67. Sermons preached in Antebellum, South Carolina
  68. Chaplain Smith and the Baptist; or Life, Journal, Letters, and Addresses of the Rev. Hexekiah Smith, D.D. 1737-1805
  69. Smith, D.T. and Thomas P., Papers, 1814-1903
  70. Smith, David Townsend, Journal, July 1884 – December 1887 (2 copies)
  71. Smith, David Townsend, Journal, January 1888 – March 1894
  72. Supplement to Descendants of John Watson I, 1752-1823
  73. Townsend, Hephzibah Jenkins, Miscellaneous materials for children’s Sunday school and family picture album
  74. Townsend, Hephzibah, Misc. materials
  75. Tolar, J. N., Diary, Jan. 1910- July 1916
  76. Trial of James Crawford Keys, Robert Keys, Elisha Byrem, and Francis G. Stowers, 1866
  77. Walker, William, music manuscript, 1832-1833
  78. Whilden, Richard Furman, notebook (no date)
  79. Whitsitt Controversy
  80. William, David May; The Philadelphia and Charleston Baptist Church Disciplines: A Theological Analysis, January 1961 
  81. Williams, Barnett L., Jr., An Investigation of Baptist Worship in America from 1620-1850
  82. Wylie, Ray Jr., papers (no date)