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PSY 311: Behavior Disorders: Case Studies

Searching for Books in the Library Catalog

   The Classic Catalog is the best place to conduct a search  

   for books.  A link for the Classic Catalog appears in the

   gray banner at the top of this page.

  Use keyword combinations to search for books on your topic.  

  For example:

mentally ill and biograph*

mental illness and case studies

schizophrenia and fiction

obsessive compulsive and case studies

schizophrenics and biograph*

When to use PASCAL Delivers

PASCAL Delivers is a rapid book delivery service for members of the Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries.  Use PASCAL when you need a book that Furman doesn't own, or if the book you need is already checked out.  Books requested through PASCAL usually arrive within 3 days.

When to Use Interlibrary Loan

If none of the PASCAL libraries own the book you need, then use our Interlibrary Loan service.  Just complete the online request form through your account.  You can always access the forms and create an account from the ILL link on the homepage.

ILL Link on Homepage

Locating Books on the Shelf

Examples of Case Studies

Call Number Areas for Browsing the Shelf

RC435-571 Psychiatry
RC475-489 Therapeutics. Psychotherapy
RC490-499 Hypnotism and hypnosis. Suggestion therapy
RC500-510 Psychoanalysis
RC512-569.5 Psychopathology
RC512-528 Psychoses
RC530-552 Neuroses
RC554-569.5 Personality disorders. Behavior problems