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When you know what you need; here's how to get it.

The tricky part

Finding citations to information you need is not difficult.  The tricky part is often getting the full-text of that information. The libraries are here to help! From books to journal articles to dissertations and more, we can help you get what you need.

Reading Citations Hints

Not sure what you're looking for? Here are some hints to help you decipher citations to determine the source format. If you're still not sure, ask us or the Interlibrary Loan Department for help.

  • A place name followed by a colon = book
  • If an editor is listed = book
  • "In" in the citation = book chapter
  • Volume and issue number = journal (and the volume number always comes before the issue number)
  • The source (book title or journal name) will always be italicized or underlined and come after the article or chapter title.


Science Librarian

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Paige Dhyne
Office: 124B in the Sanders Science Library in Plyler Hall
Phone ext. 2342