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Woodwind Resources: Find Scores

Oboe, Clarinet, Flute, and Bassoon.

Woodwind Call Number Ranges

For browsing purposes

Bassoon Solo M75+
Bassoon & Piano M253+
Bassoon Concertos M1026+, M1126+
Clarinet Solo M70+
Clarinet & Piano M248+
Clarinet Concertos M1024+, M1124+
Flute Solo M60+
Flute & Piano M240+
Flute Concertos M1020+, M1120+
Oboe Solo M65+
Oboe & Piano M245+
Oboe Concertos M1034-1035, M1134-1135
Saxophone Solo M105+
Saxophone & Piano M268+
Saxophone Concertos M1034-1035, M1134-1135

Buy Your Own Scores Online

To be in compliance with copyright law, you should be purchasing your own music for lessons.  Here are some of the reliable woodwind music distributors.