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2020-2021 Library Resources and Services: Faculty

Adding Links to Library Resources In Moodle

You can link to library resources in Moodle by adding a URL Resource to a Course Page or adding a hyperlink to text on a page. Below you will see examples of the best ways to link to our content, so your links won't break.

Use Permalinks

Permalinks will ensure that our students will be able to access the library resources you share with them. Learn more about what permalinks are and how to find them for different databases. 

Find Your Librarian


Streaming and Digitizing Media

2020 Digitization of Media Policy

Because of the need to make resources available to students who are participating in classes remotely, the Library has developed a procedure for making film and other media available in a online format. 

Faculty may request video resources in an online format. The Library will seek to purchase the resource in a streaming format. If streaming is unavailable, the Library will digitize a library-owned physical  copy or purchase a new physical copy to digitize. The  digitized copy will be uploaded to Box with a Word copy of our copyright statement/usage restrictions to this folder. The folder and its contents will only be available for individual classes; will be password protected; and the content will be non-downloadable. The Box folder will expire on at the end of the semester, 2020.

This is a temporary policy. Newly purchased videos will be cataloged and the physical copy of the film will be available after the fall semester.

Limiting Access to Files in Box

How to Disable a Shared Link on Box folders.

This option will keep the Box folder intact, but will disable access to the shared link after a certain date.

  1. On the Box website click the “Share” option to the right of the folder
  2. In the pop-up box, enable the “Shared Link” option
  3. Select the “Link Settings” option
  4. Select the little check box next to “Disable Shared Link on”
  5. Enter the date that you want the Shared Link to expire.
  6. Add the desired e-mail addresses in the “Invite People” box
  7. Select “Send”

How to Auto-Delete a Folder in Box

This will delete a Box folder and all its contents on a certain day.

  1. On the Box website, click the 3 dots to the right of the folder
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. On the Settings page, scroll down to “Automated Actions”
  4. Click the little check box next to the “Delete or Unshare” option
  5. Enter the date that you want to auto-delete the folder
  6. Select “Save Changes” in the top right of the screen