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Using Permalinks Guide

This guide is meant to explain why and how to use permalinks for the catalog and high use databases.

What Are Permalinks?

Permalinks are the safest way to ensure that people will reach the webpage, database, or article you intended and not wind up with an error page or a sushi recipe instead! Not sure what a permalink is? Keep reading to find out! 

Permalinks, or permanent links, are static hyperlinks. The main difference between a permalink and the URL in your web browser's address bar is that the address bar URL could change and stop working next week, whereas a permalink should be dependable into the foreseeable future. Permalinks ensure that someone will go to the webpage, database, article, or library record that you intend for them to visit. It's safer to copy the permalink than the URL in the address bar.

Permalinks are easy to use, but sometimes they can be difficult to locate depending on the website or database you are trying to link to. To help you out, we have created guides for some of the most common permalinks. Click any of the tabs on the left to see how to locate permalinks for a variety of resources available through the Furman Libraries. If there is a website or database permalink you're having trouble with, send us an email at and we'll be happy to assist you!